Bladder Outlet obstruction : The Most Frequent Clinical Problem

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Do you feel your bladder full even after passing urine? If yes, it can be a Bladder outlet obstruction. It is a health condition where the blockage occurs at the base or neck of the bladder. It can cause abdominal pain, full bladder, a slow flow of urine, inability to urinate or frequently urinating, problems initiating urination (urinary hesitancy), having to urinate at night, and an intermittent urine stream.


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What is Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO)?



BOO is a condition which occurs when a blockage exists at the base or neck of the bladder. This bladder blockage can reduce or stops the flow of urine inside the urethra, it carries urine out from the body. Bladder outlet obstruction is most common in older men and usually, it is linked to prostate problems. Men are more prone to this disease as compare to women.



What are the Causes of Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO)?



Well, BOO is a common health condition which usually occurs in older men, the main causes of bladder outlet obstruction are:



  • Scar tissue in the urethra


  • Bladder stones


  • Enlarged prostate gland



  • Tumors in the rectum, uterus or cervix




What are the Common Symptoms of Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO)?



Bladder Outlet Obstruction is a bladder related problem, You may have BOO if you are having the following symptoms:



  • Pain when passing urine


  • Trouble starting your urine stream


  • Feel of the full bladder but cannot empty completely


  • A feeling that bladder is not empty after voiding


  • Frequently urination during sleeping hours


  • Pain in your abdomen


  • Urine flow that starts and stops


  • A urinary stream that is slow


  • Void often with small urine volume


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How is Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO) Diagnosed?




It can be suspected by your doctor if there is abnormal abdominal growth or a larger bladder than the normal. A man with a large prostate gland or women with a cystocele (prolapsed bladder) can be diagnosed with the disease.



Tests for Diagnoses:


  • Blood tests to check for kidney function



  • Ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys to find the place of the urine blockage


  • Urine test to look blood in the urine


  • X-rays for narrowing of the urethra



What is the Treatment of Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO)?



The treatment of BOO is in line with the cause of the problem. Generally, a flexible, thin tube is inserted inside the urethra to the bladder. The placement of the catheter can relieve the blockage.



In other cases, a tube is placed into the bladder by your belly area. This tube is known as the suprapubic catheter, and it will drain the bladder.



For the long-term care of the condition, medical treatments for the various diseases causing BOO are available. In other cases, the long-term treatment of BOO requires surgery.



The timely treatment of the disease can help you to reduce these problems. If this condition is not diagnosed timely, it can lead to bladder and kidney problems.







The timely diagnosis of Bladder outlet obstruction is the best cure for any disease. so, don’t avoid any of the above mention symptoms of the disease. If you are feeling any symptoms and dealing with the problem the consult to doctor as soon as possible.


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