Best Foods For Gestational Diabetes By Gynecologist Dr. Alka Malhotra

Gestational diabetes causes a wide range of complications during pregnancy. It usually begins when a woman’s body cannot produce sufficient amount of insulin during pregnancy. This insufficiency leads to high blood sugar level. High blood sugar levels may cause problems for the woman and the baby, if not managed properly. A woman can help to reduce complications by following a healthful diet. Here, we have shared foods for gestational diabetes.


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Which Foods are Good for Gestational Diabetes?


Examine Carbohydrates


Breaks on meals and snacks containing carbohydrates evenly throughout the day can help to avoid spikes in blood sugar. According to the American Diabetes Association suggested that women with gestational diabetes should eat three small-to-moderate meals and two to four snacks per day.



Other ways to help regulate blood sugar include:


1. Avoiding eating too many carbohydrates at one time



2. Sticking to complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber



3. Combining carbohydrates with protein or healthy fat



4. Not skipping meals



5. Have a protein-rich and fibrous carbohydrate breakfast



Eating More Protein


Eating protein alongside carbohydrates, or choosing carbohydrates that also have protein in them, helps to balance blood sugar levels. Women who have gestational diabetes should try to eat lean, protein-rich foods, like:


1. Fish, chicken, and turkey


2. Eggs


3. Tofu


4. Beans


5. Nuts


6. Seeds


7. Quinoa


8. Legumes




Choosing Unsaturated Fats



Unsaturated fats are also part of any healthful diet, unsaturated fats include:


1. Olive oil



2. Peanut oil



3. Avocado



4. Most nuts and seeds



5. Salmon



6. Sardines



7. Tuna



8. Chia seeds


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Foods to Avoid In Gestational Diabetes:


Blood sugar levels are raised when people eat sugary foods, particularly those that are refined and processed. Women with gestational diabetes are advised to avoid or limit sugary foods, as much as possible.




Sugary foods to avoid include:



1. Cakes



2. Biscuits



3. Sweets



4. Puddings



5. Soda



6. Fruit juice with added sugar




Avoiding Very Starchy Foods



Starchy foods are high in carbohydrates and have a bigger impact on our blood sugar level, so it is important to limit their intake. Starchy foods should be avoided or limited. These include:




1. White potatoes



2. White bread



3. White rice



4. White pasta



Avoiding Hidden Sugars and Carbohydrates



As some foods are not sources of sugar or carbohydrate, but they may still contain unhealthful levels of both of these food types. Examples of these include:



1. Highly processed foods



2. Some condiments, like – dressings and ketchup



3. Fast foods



4. Alcohol



About Dr. Alka Malhotra: Doctor Alka Malhotra is a well-known Gynecologist of Delhi/ NCR.  If you feel any problem or you are dealing with gestational diabetes then you can book a free online appointment to consult the doctor.

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