Swine flu mounted to 27 with 4 new cases

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Fear of Coronavirus wasn’t enough, now there is a rise in Swine flu cases. Till Thursday patients suffering from the disease have bounced to 27. The seeds of swine flu sprouted in January end, and ever since then, the cases are on the rise. The Meerut district reported 4 more positive cases of swine flu, concluding to 27 cases.


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Maintaining hygiene and cleaning hands to keep infection away is recommended to locals by doctors.



Meerut district epidemiologist Dr. Rachna Tandon said, “As many as four new cases of swine flu were reported in Meerut on Thursday. The new cases include a 62-year-old man from Sardhana, a 50-year-old man from Shastri Nagar, a 32-year-old woman from Adarsh Nagar and a 46-year-old man from Incholi.”



Doctors advised families, only one member to take care of a swine flu patient to prevent everyone from getting exposed to the same. Apart from that wash hands frequently, wear a mask when close to the patient, take care of cleanliness inside the patient’s room and use separate utensils.



People who are prone to swine flu include children below 5years, the elderly (especially above 65 years), pregnant women and people with prolonged respiratory disease. Those at risk must exercise more caution.



Dr. Raj Kumar, Meerut chief medical officer said, “Private hospitals have been asked to set up isolation wards for patients of swine flu to ensure that other patients or hospital staff are not infected.”



The area of the outbreak has been detected and surveillance is going on to check if there are more cases in proximity. To aware people in the area awareness camps are also being organized. The health department authorities said epidemiological study and travel history of patients is being checked.


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Source: ET NEWS

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