PM closely monitoring Covid-19 situation personally: Vardhan

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

The situation arising out of the coronavirus scare is personally monitored by PM Narendra Modi said Union health minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday.


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The minister said, “Every effort is being made to ensure that the virus does not make inroads into India. People coming in from six countries – China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea – are being screened at as many as 21 airports across the country.”


“There is no risk of getting the required API (raw material for making medicines). We have several MNCs here, which are producing the APIs. There is enough availability for the next two months. The present manufacturers will obviously ramp up their production,” Union Minister Mansukh L Mandaviya said after a meeting with a high-level group of ministers.


The API import to India worth Rs 26,000 crore annually, however, exports API worth around Rs 16,000 crore, he added.


To prevent the rise in the price of medicine and to deal with the situation, a high-level committee has been set up by the government. About 80% of API was coming from China up until now.


So far, a total of 64,000 cases reported globally and death cases have risen to at least 1,383. India reported 3 cases in Kerala. About the condition of 160 Indian crew members aboard on a British cruise ship, Vardhan said, “The Japanese government is dealing with them as per protocols.”


PM has appreciated Air India and health ministry officials for their “high-level commitment to duty” as they helped stranded Indians in Wuhan evacuate. He also has issued a letter of appreciation to the team members, this letter would be handed over to the crew by the aviation minister.


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