Diet for A Healthy Liver: Way To Improve Your Liver Health

Anju Bisht

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The liver is the large, glandular, meaty, and vital organ of the human body. It is divided into two main lobes, performing major roles in metabolism, detoxification, and production of chemicals, i.e., needed for digestion.


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The liver is performing more than 500 tasks in the body, so it becomes necessary to take care of liver health. Here, we are going to share a diet for a healthy liver to boost your liver health.


Diet for a healthy liver: Make your liver healthy


When it comes to taking care of our vital organs, the first thought that comes to our mind is a healthy diet.  According to WHO, “for good health and nutrition, there is a need for a healthy diet.” In reference, diet for a healthy liver can make your liver healthy and can protect you from various liver diseases. All you need is the right diet to improve your liver health.


Here is a diet for a healthy liver that is well fitted out by the dietitian, especially for improving liver health.



Early morning (6-7)


Drink lukewarm water.
Breakfast (9-10)  

Tea/milk (skimmed) stuff Roti/ Poha /Upma/idli  + soaked almonds



Mid-morning  (at 11)  

Fruits like apple, papaya, orange, and pomegranates. Coconut water/ Veg soup/buttermilk /Green tea /lemon water.





Chapatti (1-2), Dal 1 bowl/roasted chicken/egg curry (egg white only)+ Vegetable + raita /plain curd 1bowl/ Salad (cucumber) 1 bowl.

Evening (4-5)


Tea/coffee without sugar / green tea with Biscuits/Besan Cheela/ baked cutlet/ bhuna chana.

Pre-dinner (6)


Fresh vegetable juice/fresh vegetable soup/ egg whites (1-2).



Chapatti, dal + vegetable, Curd, and salad.

After dinner (10 – after 10)


Skimmed Milkless of sugar /green tea.


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What foods are good for liver repair?


To make your liver healthy again give a boost to your liver with a diet for a healthy liver. Here is the list of food good for liver repair:



  • Oatmeal



  • High fiber food like brown rice, quinoa, and ragi


  • Drink 2-3 liter water in a day


  • High fiber fruits, such as papaya, guava, avocado, and watermelon


  • Eat all types of green vegetables


  • Unsaturated fats like Olive oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil, etc


  • Follow a low carbs diet

What foods can damage your liver?


Yes, there are such food items that can cause harm to your liver. Ensure to limit the consumption of such food. For your concern, we have listed the food items below:


  • Starchy foods, such as pasta, cornflour, cakes, etc


  • Packed food and processed food items like chips, juices, soups, etc


  • Alcohol


  • Sugary items


  • Deep-fried food items like poori, samosa, Pakoda, etc


  • Carbonated drinks



Final words


We know our liver performs important functions in the body. It takes care of toxins disposal, likewise, it’s our responsibility to take care of liver health. Only if your liver can speak and ask for your attention.


If you care to follow the diet for a healthy liver, make sure to avoid such food items that can damage your liver. Ensure to look at the food items that can repair and boost your liver health. Well-being starts with an initiative to protect every organ of your body.


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