A Healthy and Friendly Diet for a Heart Patient

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Watch out! Heart patients, what you eat can always have an impact on your heart health. It is very much obvious that certain food items can increase the risk of heart diseases and changing the eating habit is not a cup of tea. There are many things you can do for your heart health. Here, in this blog, we are going to share a diet for a heart patient.


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Heart-Healthy Food Items


Here are some food items that will help you in better managing your heart conditions and lowering the risk of heart diseases;


  1. Vegetables and Fruits


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Vegetables and fruits are sources of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in fibers and low in calories. Heart patients should opt for green leafy veggies. And as for the fruits, here prepare your fruit basket with papaya, orange, sweet lime, guava, apple, pineapple, watermelon, pear, etc.


  1. Oil

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For the cooking purpose, there are special categories prepared, which are as follows:

Category A: Sunflower/Safflower/Corn seed/Soybean.

Category B: Mustard/Groundnut/Olive.

Both the categories are equally holding separate importance. But select one from each category alternatively for cooking purposes.


  1. Cereals

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For making chapatti, there should be a mixing of 4 parts of whole-wheat flour with 1 part of channa flour or barley flour. This will be good for heart health.


  1. Non-vegetarian


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No worries for non-vegetarians! Items such as roasted chicken, egg whites, and chicken breast are heart-friendly. So no sacrifice needed from a heart patient for taking care of their heart health.


  1. Dairy

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As far as the dairy products are concerned, items to be included in the diet for a heart patient are; skimmed milk, homemade paneer, tofu, and low-fat Curd.


  1. Pulses

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Pulses are a rich source of protein, fiber, and various vitamins. Pulses that can be added in the diet are whole pulses and sprouted dal.


  1. Nuts

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The very popular food type is a great source of many nutrients. Nuts that are good for heart health are almonds, walnuts, pistachio, peanuts, and sesame seeds.


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Diet for a Heart Patient


We are going to have a brief plan of diet for a heart patient that will help you in keeping your heart healthy. With this diet ensure to keep your heart healthy and thriving.


Early Morning:  Let just start the morning with lukewarm water. Make drinking lukewarm water a ritual.


Break Fast:  The breakfast to include items such as lassi, stuff Roti, poha, upma, idli +sambhar, toast, or sandwiches.


Mid-Morning:  Items that will be included in the mid-morning meals are fruit chat, any fruit, or soup.


Lunch:  This part of the meal can be fitted with vegetables, dal, raita, chapati, and salad.


Evening Tea:  Teatime can be craving time where you can have besan cheela, baked cutlet, bhuna chana with tea, coffee, or green tea.


Dinner:   As for dinner, design your plate with whatever among these- egg curries (no yolk), paneer, dal, vegetables, Curd, chapatti, and salad.


Post Dinner:  For the post-dinner time you can have Milk (skimmed).


As we have shared in the above blog, diet for a heart patient and how to manage it, I’m sure this diet would definitely help you out, but before implementing any of the above tips, consult  Dr. Subhendu Mohanty. He is known as the top cardiologist in Noida due to his excellence in the field of cardiology. He has an experience of 17 years and is quite reputed in his area of expertise.


To get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Heart Patient treatment, you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at connect@gomedii.com, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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