Diet for Thyroid Patients : A Best and The Worst Food To Eat

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Hypothyroidism is a condition when your thyroid glands are not able to produce too much hormone. Although we can’t say about a permanent cure for hypothyroidism. But, the right diet can help you to manage the condition better. So here we come up with foods that needed to be included and the foods to be avoided in a diet for thyroid patients. Dr. Keshav Kumar is known as the reputed and specialist endocrinologist in Noida. Consult him to resolve your issues regarding thyroid.


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Diet For Thyroid Patient:



5 Recommended Super Foods for a Hypothyroid Diet


1. Fish and Seafood:


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Provide Omega 3 fats that protect against heart disease, iodine which is an essential mineral needed for thyroid synthesis and selenium. a mineral concentrated in the thyroid gland and the one which helps to lower inflammation.



2. Nuts:

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Provides vitamin D and fibers which helps in weight loss, also provides selenium, a mineral concentrated in the thyroid gland and the one which helps to lower inflammation.



3. Whole-grain Foods:

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Provide fiber that helps with constipation and also a range of B vitamin that helps with hypothyroidism. But consume them after 3 hours of taking medication.



4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:


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Provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers which helps in reaching your weight goals.



5. Dairy Products:


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Nutritional powerhouse providing calcium, protein, vitamin D and iodine. Ensure to consume low-fat dairy products to get the maximum benefits.


If you are a thyroid patient and wondering what foods are safe to eat and include as a part of the diet for thyroid patients towards effective treatment of hypothyroidism treatment.




5 Foods to Avoid in the Diet for Thyroid Patients



The list of food items to avoid in the diet for thyroid patients.


If you are talking about about the diet of thyroid patient, the foods to be avoided are as important as the recommended one. So go through this list of these food items and stay away for the sake of your thyroid gland.


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1. Gluten


Gluten, well it is a protein that is found in barley, wheat, oats, and food products. The main problem of gluten by thyroid people is that it affects the digestion system which causes body inflammation.



2. Processed Foods


The Processed foods, it is like a villain for thyroid patients. Well, it doesn’t mean these are good for the rest one. It is a general perception, that increased intake of salt better the iodine condition of hypothyroidism that is completely wrong. First, of all, the salt content in the processed foods is very high and that salt does not necessarily contain iodine. Additionally, the processed foods which contain added sugar inhibit the conversion of T4 to T3, which isn’t good for thyroid patients.



3. Cruciferous Vegetables


Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, turnip, mustard greens, and watercress contain a substance which is known as ‘thiocyanate’ that in very high concentrations and also can interfere with iodine absorption.
So, a diet for thyroid patients should clearly concentrate on the levels of intake.



4. Coffee


Excluding coffee in the diet for thyroid patients may be crucial because there is proves about coffee inhibiting the absorption of hypothyroid medications So avoiding coffee, especially before intake of the thyroid medications is a nutritionist recommended.



5. Alcohol



Individuals should avoid Alcohol consumption in a diet for thyroid patients. It has been already proven that Alcohol increases the functioning of the thyroid gland. Moreover, Alcohol causes cellular toxicity It has been reported by The University of Maryland and Medical Center that reducing or avoiding alcohol can significantly reduce hypothyroidism symptoms.


Meal Time Food Items
Early MorningJeera water/ Methi water (over night soaked)
BreakfastVeg poha with milk/oats with milk /idli sambhar/vegetable upma/veg sandwich/paneer sandwich/toast(1-2)
Pre-lunch @ 11 am Buttermilk/greek yogurt 1 bowl /fruits (1)
LunchMultigrain roti/Wheat roti(1-2),Green vegetable ,dal (moong/masoor/arhar ) Curd, Salad
Post- Lunch @ 4 pmMilkshake/Cold Coffee /Tea/Coffee Less of sugar with roasted Bajra/Roasted Channa
Evening Snacks @ 6pmSoup/(1) fruit/ Green tea
Dinner @ 8 pmMultigrain roti/Wheat Roti (1-2), Green Veg,1 Bowl dal, Salad,
Post DinnerToned Milk



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