Pernicious Anemia Causes, Symptoms, Types & Treatment

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The deficiency of some vitamins in the body might cause severe concerns to our health. We know that our body constitutes of minerals and nutrients that lead to normal functions of the body. Deficiency of one of the important vitamins causes Anemia, which is related to a lower amount of blood in the red blood cells. One of its deadly types is Pernicious Anemia. As in most cases, we do not consider anemia as a life-threatening disease, Pernicious Anemia causes the patient to be far more concerned than a normal anemic person. So it becomes vital to know causes, symptoms, risk factors and treatment from Pernicious Anemia.


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While Anemia is a regular deficiency of vitamin B12 form the body, it the first and the general type of anemia that affects the people in general. The second type which is rarely found in the common population which is only about .1% and 1.9% in the older population as per the study was done by 2012 journal of Blood medicine. Pernicious Anemia causes the amount of blood to fall drastically in the body due to impaired pick up of B12 vitamin.



Pernicious Anemia Causes


What are the causes of Pernicious Anemia? Anemia, in general, has a number of causes, in particular cases, it can elate some important aspects of body functions.



1) Lack of vitamin B12


It is one of the major reasons for anemia, however, when the capacity of the body declines steadily to absorb B12 from the food supplements, it might be extremely dangerous. It is adviced to old and the young to always keep the source of B12 in their diet. Some of the sources are meat, eggs and dairy products. Consult your dietician or physician to know more about B12 level in your body



2) Low Intrinsic Factor


Intrinsic factor is a protein that enhances the capability of the body to absorb B12 vitamin. If this is not produced in the body, there might be a high chance that you will develop Pernicious Anemia. Most of the cases as observed in the condition saw that the body attacked the intrinsic factor.



3) Macrocytes


These are a large obstruction in the bone marrow that is responsible for the blood cells. They are produced when there is less amount of B12 present in your body.



There are certain risk factors that are included in Pernicious anemia causes:


• If you have a family history of the disease

• Any kind of autoimmune disease and diseases related to the intestine

• Any severe stomach or intestine surgery

• Old age (60 and above)

• Avoiding food that has high B12 vitamins (mostly non-vegetarian diet)


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Symptoms of Pernicious Anemia


We need to look for what are the symptoms of Anemia in general and above that what are the symptoms of pernicious anemia. It is better to prevent oneself from the condition before the condition worsens.


 Fatigue is experienced, even after sleeping enough

 Shortness of breath is faced after doing a certain amount of work.

 You are dizzy in most time of the day

 Feet and hands feel cold

 You complain of regular chest pain

 Paleness of the skin

 Difficulties in balancing your body

 Worsening burning feeling in your feet during the night


 Trouble focusing



Treatment of Pernicious Anemia


We are sure you must be extremely anxious as to how this situation is supposed to be treated. You have to remember that this particular condition has symptoms that one might overlook. So the first step is to stop ignoring any signs even if they are common with that of the other mild illness. Treatment includes shots of B12 injections. It depends on what level of deficiency of the vitamin in the body. The doctor after shots asks to take B12 vitamin continuously and make sure that you have enough sources in your diet.



It is necessary that Pernicious Anemia causes and symptoms are kept a check on before it becomes life-threatening. If we do not which to put our health in jeopardy, we would suggest you take consultations from health experts. They are easily available on our website and even related medicines can be ordered. Do not take a chance with your health, because you live only once!


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