Success Story: How Online Doctor Appointment Help me to Manage Health

Divya Tripathi

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Name: Nikita Seth

Age: 28



Hi, I am Niketa. Today I am going to share my story about pregnancy complications and how my online doctor helped me to deal with it.


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I am from Punjab and currently, I am living in Noida with my husband because we both work here. We both were happy in our life and suddenly our happiness reached on the 9th cloud when I took a pregnancy test which was positive. I remember that date, it was 25th March 2018. I went to an Obstetrician near me, she examined me thoroughly and suggested some blood test and the report confirmed my pregnancy. We both were happy like anything.



At the first trimester, my pregnancy was going smoothly, so I continued my job and I was enjoying to manage my job and pregnancy both simultaneously. I went for regular checkups and scans as per the suggestion of my doctor and everything was going good.



The second trimester started and the things were going normally. But suddenly after 20 weeks, I started feeling itching and dryness. I thought it was due to stretching of uterus and though that applying some oil and cream would help. But it doesn’t work at all, so I went to my doctor and she suggested some tests and unfortunately, in the test reports, my SGPT was high (it was a liver infection test) which indicated that I had some liver infection.



It was a big shock to me and my husband. My doctor suggested me not to eat anything oily or even asked me to avoid ghee and milk which helped me to reduce my SGPT level and luckily the report was positive after 2 weeks, that was my 22nd week of the pregnancy. This test made me a bit relax and I was able to concentrate on my work.



Then again after 4 weeks, I had the test and the SGPT level was increased again, it was 28th week of my pregnancy. My doctor told me that then it was necessary to monitor the baby’s movement very closely and after completion of 32 weeks, she would plan a premature delivery because it could be a dangerous situation for the baby.



It was a piece of bad news for me and it broke me down badly. My husband asked me to go for the second opinion, so I googled the best gynecologist in Noida, google showed me some results and I booked an appointment online, it made my life easy. I didn’t need to go to the doctor’s place and wait for my turn. I went at the time of my appointment and my doctor was there for me.



She saw my report, made me calm and told me that it was a problem in my liver. My SGPT level was high, but it was not that much bad, which made me do a premature delivery. We needed to closely monitor the baby’s movement and could wait till 38 weeks which was an appropriate time to give birth to a baby. It made me feel ease, she helped me to understand each thing, gave time to me even on a single phone call. And after 38 weeks, I delivered a beautiful baby girl through C-section.



That doctor came into my life as a goddess. I am grateful to the doctor who provided a good piece of advice and handled me as a friend and I am also thankful for such an online platform which provided me a hassle-free option to choose the doctor.


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