Success Story : Relief from Chronic Back Pain


I recently moved to DELHI/NCR, a new place for me. The new place brings you new challenges. These challenges could be any. Whether finding daily needs, places to hang out, friends or even hospitals or doctors. Challenges in adopting environmental changes were also countable.


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As a naive to the place and while facing these challenges, I began to feel unhealthy. Maybe due to the pollution or the climatic changes, my body was not responding efficiently. As I didn’t know anyone, I was finding difficulty to search a trusted doctor near me. I began to suffer from chronic pain in my spine. This was probably due to lifting weights while I was shifting my luggage to my new flat. In starting, I didn’t think it as an issue, but when it was repetitive, I began to show my concern on it.


Then, as everyone in the world, I googled my query to search the doctor who can examine my health and provide me a treatment through which I can be healthy again. As I googled it, I was able to find a team of well-experienced doctors and they were also giving the option of ordering medicine online. It is a healthcare platform which is providing a distinct range of wellness and healthcare solutions to the public. The website and its application are so user-friendly to book an online appointment and to order medicine online.


I booked a free appointment with a Spine Surgeon who literally listened to me patiently and then thoroughly examined my spine to capture the reason for my chronic pain. He advised me some therapies and medicines to recover from the pain. I felt happy and satisfied after the checkup. Also, I am thankful to the doctor for introducing such helping services at our doorstep.


Moreover, booking an appointment online helped me save my time and energy and also the hectic scenario of the hospital. On a plus point, I ordered medicine online which again saved my time and within 4 hours of my order, they were able to deliver the medicines at my doorstep.


You can also book a free online appointment and can order medicine online with their vast growing network and hassle-free services. As a new person to the metro city, it helped me a lot. While being alone and unhealthy, I realized the significance of the phrase which goes like “Health is Wealth.” Again, I would like to express my deep gratitude towards them for their generous support.


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