How To Reduce Digital Eye Strain During Online Classes

Divya Tripathi

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Everyone agrees that there has been a lot of change in the lifestyle during the pandemic, due to this mental stress have increased in children, adults, and older people. That affects most of the children when they have to feel digital eye strain during online classes lasting 5 to 6 hours.


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Now the question arises that how to reduce digital eye strain during online classes, it is not good for them in the coming time, due to this, their whole body starts feeling stressed at an early age. Now the time needs to change so we will tell you some easy tips for your child which you can also do.


Problems due to digital eye strain during online classes


The Indian education system is also starting a digital platform, it is good for all children whose parents can afford this education system, but what are the side effect let’s have look:


Dry eyes


This problem is getting more seen in children because they are attending online classes for 6 to 7 hours. When they are sitting in front of a laptop and a computer screen that is harmful to their eyes, due to this the problem of dry eyes is increasing which is not good for children. In our eyes there is already water, which maintains moisture in our eyes, our eyes are a very important part of our body.


Eye Redness


This problem generally starts at the age of 25 to 28. But now also seen in children because they are started attending online classes, they also suffer from this problem. Sitting in front of a computer and laptop screen, his / her eyes also start to turn red. It is also called bloodshot eyes.




When your child sits too close to a computer or laptop screen for long periods of time, he or she may suffer from myopia, a type of refractive error where you see blurred images. A study has shown that if children spend more time playing outside, it is good for their whole body including their eyes. It is very important for children how to reduce digital eyes strain during online classes.


Blurred vision


When students have to focus only on their studies, then it is not good for their health. It is also important to keep themselves healthy. In current time, most of the students have to study on computer and laptop for a very long time and they are sitting very close to the system, which is harmful for their eyes. This is why their eyes start getting weaker day by day.


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How to reduce digital eyes strain during online classes?


Take frequent break


When your child is suffering from an eye problem, then it is very important to reduce digital eyes strain during online classes, so that he should take a short break during their studies. This will be very beneficial for their eyes during long course of usage.


If you are constantly studying on your system, then your child should take a break for at least 10 minutes. This will not only reduce digital eyes strain during online classes, but it also helps to reduce headaches and shoulder pain.


Exercise for eyes


If your children reduce digital eyes strain during online classes and they do not concentrate on their work, then we will tell you some exercise for their eyes. Anyone can do this if you have this problem, then firstly you have to rotate your eyeball clockwise and then rotate it anti-clockwise. This will give you relief and reduce digital eye stress during online classes.


Use good light in your study area


Whenever they sit on the system and attend online classes, it is very important to protect their eyes that they should sit in a place where there is very good light. Its reduce digital eyes strain during online classes, moreover, he should not keep the brightness of the system is too high, it can also reason weaken the eyes quickly.


Use anti-glare


It is obvious when students study on the computer, they feel stressed in their eyes, then you should buy anti-glare glasses for the eyes or an anti-glare protector for the computer screen. As some children wear glasses from an early age due to weak eyesight, they should purchase lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coating. AR coating reduces glare by reducing the amount of light that reflects the front and back surfaces of the lens of your glasses. These tips reduce digital eye strain during online classes for students.


In the future, this strain may increase on the eyes of your children. But you can easily reduce digital eye strain during online classes by adopting these tips. If the child’s eyes are already weeks, then he/she should always sit in front of a computer and laptop with glasses, then this does not increase the number of glasses quickly. Apart from this, if you or your child has any problem related to the eyes, so it would be better for you to consult our experts.


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