FAQs Session On Fallopian Tube Blockage With Dr. Reena Gupta

Fallopian tube blockage has become one of the most common causes for infertility. Millions of women suffer from this condition, many without even knowing – untill, they try to get pregnant. Fallopian tube blockage can happen because of a number of reasons like scarring, fibroids, endometriosis, etc. The symptoms of fallopian tube blockage like infertillity can also cause a lot of distress to women.


It comes as no surprise to us when our female patients come up with every type of question under the sun about fallopian tube blockage. So, to answer all our queries, we have roped in Dr. Reena Gupta, a veteran infertility specialist at BabyScience Fertility Clinic, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. Keep on reading as your queries on fallopian tube blockage gets answered!


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1. What is fallopian tube blockage?


It is a condition where your fallopian tube gets blocked due to various reasons like fluid accumulation, scarring or diseases, leading to various problems like infertility amongst women. Depending on the extent of the blockage, surgery can cure this condition.


2. Is fallopian tube blockage curable?


Yes, fallopian tube blockage, depending on the extent of the blockage, can be cured via minimally invasive surgery. In laparoscopic surgery, a small keyhole incision is made through which a laparoscope and tiny instruments are inserted to clear the blockage from your fallopian tubes. It is a fairly effective method and can increase your chances of getting pregnant.


3. Is fallopian tube blockage common?


Yes, fallopian tube blockage is a very common reason for infertility, because inside the fallopian tube is the location where sperm fertilizes the woman’s egg.


4. How is fallopian tube blockage test done?


A hysterosalpingogram or HSG is the test done to diagnose fallopian tube blockage. The test uses X-rays to create an outline of your uterus and fallopian tubes to show the exact location of the blockage.


5. What causes a fallopian tube blockage?


Some causes of fallopain tube blockage are:


6. Can fallopian tube blockage prevent pregnancy?


Yes. As the fallopain tube is the location of fertilization, a blockage in the tubes can obstruct the sperm’s path to reach the egg, thus inhibiting fertilization and the subsequent pregnancy.


7. Can fallopian tube blockage cause pain?


Blocked fallopian tubes rarely generate symptoms. Many women are unaware that they have obstructed tubes until they attempt to conceive and experience difficulties. In some circumstances, a blocked fallopian tube can cause mild, consistent pain on one side of the abdomen. This typically occurs in a form of blockage known as a hydrosalpinx.


8. Can fallopian tubes be blocked after first pregnancy?


Yes, this can happen although it is not common. Fallopian tubes can also be blocked after a miscarriage or an abortion due to pelvic inflammatory disease, surgical complications, endometriosis, etc.


9. Can ultrasound detect fallopian tube blockage?


No, an ultrasound can’t detect fallopian tube blockage. A special fluid, called hydrosalpinx, needs to be present within the fallopian tubes inorder to produce a real-time image of the tubes.


10. Can PCOS cause fallopian tube blockage?


No, PCOS directly doesn’t get your tubes blocked. However, conditions associated with PCOS like pelvic infections can get them blocked.


11. Can TB cause fallopian tube blockage?


Yes, TB, especially genital tuberculosis can cause fallopian tube blockage. Genital TB can thicken your tubes and cause cancerous ulceration in some cases, leading to heavy connective scar tissue. Diverticular out pouching of both the isthmus and ampulla is also seen in these cases. All these factors can get your tubes blocked.


12. How to remove fallopian tube blockage naturally?


While there have been many lotions and vitamins to improve fertility, none have been established as a sure-shot solution for opening up the tubes. Your fallopian tubes can only be opened via surgery. However, you can include the following if you are planning for IVF to boost your fertility:


  1. Quitting smoking.
  2. Avoiding alcohol.
  3. Reducing stress.
  4. Exercising.
  5. Trying manual pelvic physical therapy.
  6. Trying Chinese herbal medicine.
  7. Consuming turmeric.
  8. Getting more vitamin C.


13. What are the fallopian tube blockage symptoms?


Generally, tube blockage doesn’t exhibit any symptoms  untill ones gets their tests dons for IVF. However, there are some certains symptoms that some may experience, such as:


  • Pain in the pelvis or stomach region
  • Ectopic pregnancy


14. What is bilateral fallopian tube blockage?


Like the name suggests, bilateral fallopian tube blockage happens when both of the fallopian tubes get blocked.


15. How will I know if my fallopian tube is blocked?


You won’t come to know about it unless you get a scan for the same. However, not being able to concieve for atleast a year is a strong symptom of tubal occlusion.


16. Does fallopian tube blockage affect ovulation?


No, fallopian tube blockage does not affect the process of ovulation. What it affects is the chances of pregnancy. Blockage in one tube can half your chances of pregnancy which can be increased with the help of fertility drugs. However, blockage in both the tubes can drop your chances to almost zero.


17. What is fallopian tube blockage removal surgery?


Laparoscopic or hysteroscopic surgery is done to remove the blockage in your fallopian tubes.


18. My right fallopian tube blocked. Can I still get pregnant?


Yes, it is very much possible for you to be pregnant with your one fallopian tube blocked as an egg can still travel through the unaffected fallopian tube. The ovum can release from either of the ovaries so as long as even one of the tubes is open, you can get pregnant. Also, with one tube blocked, you can still increase the chances of pregnancy with fertility drugs.


19. Can fallopian tube blockage cause irregular periods?


Yes, blocked tubes can cause heavy or irregular periods as it is the fallopian tube that transports the egg from the ovary to the uterus. If the tubes are blocked, the egg may not reach the uterus, causing irregular periods or heavy bleeding.


20. What is fallopian tube blockage at fimbrial end?


The fimbrial end is the point where the ovary is connected with the fallopian tube. Any blockage due to scarring or swelling at the fimbrial end can prevent the ovum from entering the fallopian tube (where fertilization actually occurs). In such cases, natural pregnancy is not possible. However, as the eggs are harvested and fertilised in labs in IVF, it can be a good option for those with such blockages.


21. What is fallopian tube blockage at cornual end?


Cornual end is a point where the fallopian tube gets connected with the ovary. Any blockage at this point can prevent the sperm from entering the fallopian tubem thus inhibiting fertilization. Just like in fimbiral tube bloackge, natural pregnancy is not possible in cornual tube blockage as well. But once again in such cases, a couple can opt for IVF.


22. What is fallopian tube blocked with fluid?


Fallopian tube blockage due to fluid accumulation is called hydrosalpinx. This condition can lower the success of your IVF cycle as the can flow backwards into your uterus, creating an unhealthy environment for a developing embryo.


23. What is fallopian tube blockage due to infection?


Salpingitis is an inflammation of the fallopian tubes caused by bacterial infection. Salpingitis is commonly caused by sexually transmitted illnesses such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia. Salpingitis is a prevalent cause of female infertility because it causes damage to the fallopian tubes.


24. What is the cost of blocked fallopian tube surgery in India?


The cost of blocked fallopian tube surgery is between USD 2000 to USD 5000.


25. What is the relationship between fallopian tube blockage and periods?


Any blockage in fallopian tube can cause irregular or heavy periods as the egg is not able to reach the uterus, a step essential for a stable menstrual cycle.


26. What is the relationship between fallopian tube blockage and IVF?


IVF is the solution to the infertility caused by the blocked fallopian tubes.


27. What is fallopian tube blockage due to endometriosis?


In endometriosis, endometrial tissues can build up in the fallopian tubes, causing blockage and subsequent infertility.


28. What is fallopian tube blockage treatment without surgery?


Fallopian tube recanalization is a non-surgical procedure to clear the blockage in the fallopian tube. During the procedure, an HSG is taken via a catheter to locate the blockage. Another catheter is threaded through the first catheter and then into the fallopian tube to clear the blockage.


29. What are the types of fallopian tube blockage?


There are three types of fallopian tube blockages: mid-segment blockage which happens in the middle of the fallopian tube, cornual end blockage proximal tubal occlusion which happens at the junction of the the fallopian tube and the uterus, lastly, fimbrial end or distal end blockage that happens at the junction of the ovary and the fallopian tubes.


30. What is one fallopian tube blocked and IUI?


IUI is not possible in case of blocked fallopian tubes as in IUI, specially selected sperm is placed in the uterus for it to fertilize the egg. However, because of the blockage, the sperm won’t be able to reach the egg. However, your chances of fertility considerably increases if only one of the fallopian tube is blocked.


31. What is fallopian tube blockage after C-section?


It is a blockage in fallopain tubes that can occur due to complications during the C-section. These complications can include infections, excessive scarring or damage, leading to blockage in your tubes. But worry not, this happens in severe cases.


To avoid such situations, its advisable to consult an expereinced gyanecologist and take adequate measures like taking a healthy diet, doing pregnancy exercises and keeping a happy mood throughout to experience a positive labour experience.


32. What are the side effects of fallopian tube blockage?


The major sife-effect of fallopian tube blockage is infertility.


33. What are bilateral fallopian tube occlusion devices?


Occlusion devices are the medical instruments used to block or close both the fallopian tubes with the intention of inhibiting fertilization. These devices act as permanent birth control by preventing the egg from meeting the sperm by creating a blockage in its path. Occlusion devices like Filshie Clips, Essure and Adiana are some minimally-invasive birth control methods for women.


34. Is fallopian tube blockage a genetic condition?


Fallopian tube blockage is not a genetic condition in itself but certain conditions with a genetic link can lead to blockages in your fallopian tubes. The best example is endometriosis. Researchers at Oxford University have shown that endometriosis has a hereditary link, i.e., it runs in families. And, endometriosis can lead to blockages in your fallopian tubes.


35. Does fallopian tube blockage cause sperm leakage?


No, blocked fallopian tubes does not cause sperm leakage. If the tubes are blocked, the sperm do not leak out but rather remain in the reproductive tract and eventually die off as they cannot reach the egg.


36. What is fallopian tube blockage massage?


It is actually called fertility massage; your abdomen and pelvic regions are massaged with herbal oils to reduce inflammation and improve bloodflow in your reproductive region. The massage is done to strengthen your reproductive system, potentially aiding in unblocking fallopian tubes.


However, do seek professional advice before indulging in fertility massage as no research has proven it as a treatment for blocked tubes.


37. What is cost of fallopian tube blockage treatment in Mumbai?


The cost of fallopian tube blockage treatment in Mumbai is between USD 2,200 and USD 5,500.


At present, there are no proven medicines to unblock fallopain tubes; surgery is the only option for treatting your blocked tubes. Also, you can consider


38. Can I have blocked fallopian tubes due to ruptured appendix?


Yes, the infection that caused your appendix to rupture can travel down reproductive tract, causing scarring in your fallopian tubes in many cases. This leads to fallopian tube blockage which inturn leaves you infertile.


39. Will my chances of ectopic pregnancy increase with blocked fallopian tubes?


Yes, your chances of ectopic pregnancy considerably increases with blocked fallopian tubes. This happens because in case of partially blocked fallopain tubes, the egg might get fertilised but may get stuck within the falllopian tubes, leading to an ectopic pregnancy.

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