Fertility After Miscarriage: The Worst Feeling Ever, Know the Precautions

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Fertility is a feeling when women’s egg gets fertilized and she starts experiencing the feeling of mom. But the hard time is when she feeling and imagining her baby the miscarriage happens and her heart breaks into small pieces because for a women pregnancy is a blessing, the happiness which nobody calculates. After this grief, there must be hope to get pregnant again because life doesn’t stop. So yeah, being a woman I completely understand this feeling. In this blog, we have shared the information or you can say the awareness about fertility after miscarriage and how you can manage it.

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Fertility is a woman’s ability to conceive a baby. It happens when the man sperm meet the women’s egg. After that, the process takes some time to fertilize. There is always one question that appears in every partner’s mind if you’ve been trying to get pregnant with frequent, unprotected sex for at least one year or at least six months if you’re older than 35 with no success.




In the medical term, miscarriage is called a spontaneous abortion. It generally happens early in the pregnancy when the fetus dies before the 20th week of pregnancy, 8 out of 10 miscarriage cases happen in the first 3 months.  


When is the Right Time to Try Again?


When a woman’s cycle back to normal, after that her body is capable of becoming pregnant again. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the right time for a couple to try for another pregnancy just yet.


After this tragic ‘miscarriage’ the doctor will check the medical history of the women and her current condition, that her body is healed enough to carry a baby again. In some cases, women’s bodies are ready to conceive again within 4-6 weeks, while it takes others up to six months to be physically ready again.


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Ways to Increase Fertility After a Miscarriage?


If you are certain you and your partner are ready to conceive again, there are a few things you can do to help improve your chances of becoming pregnant:


Say no to unhealthy habits: Unhealthy habits like- smoking, drug use, or alcohol abuse. It has been proved that high consumption levels of caffeine can be detrimental to conception so you should also be limited.


Reducing Stress: Stress is the major issue of every reason behind many health issues. Perhaps, stress management is one of the most important factors in having a successful pregnancy and it also plays a vital role in “fertility” as well.


Eating well: If depression was experienced due to the miscarriage, it’s possible that the woman’s diet has not been the healthiest. A healthy diet is really very important for women who are going through pregnancy. Although, in some cases, it is common for women who have experienced a miscarriage to have a loss of appetite and not eat enough or to eat out of sorrow and eat too much.


Environment: This is also very important if the environment is not healthy, the women experiencing violence, abuse, politics, etc. Then the chance of miscarriage gets high. So yes, whenever you get the news that your wife, sister or any close is pregnant then make sure to make a healthy and happy environment.

When The Miscarriage Chances Increased More?


But a lot will depend on certain factors. Some things that can raise your rates of miscarriage are:


Increased age: Miscarriage rates rise about 75% for women who are under 35 to 39, and there’s a fivefold increase at 40 or older compared with women 25 to 29.


Being underweight: Underweight women have a 72% increased risk for miscarriage. Being overweight or of normal weight didn’t affect miscarriage rates according to this study.


Extended conception time: Women who took 12months or above 12 to conceive are twice as likely to miscarry as those taking three months.


To reduce your risk for miscarriage, most doctors advise:



  • Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight, which you can determine with your doctor’s help


  • Eating a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables daily or almost every day


  • Reducing stress


Here, we have discussed in this blog, Fertility After Miscarriage and its ways to get pregnant again. Never lose hope in this condition kindly consult a good and experienced gynecologist. Sexual illness should be treated within time. Hesitation in consulting the doctor should be avoided. If you hesitate to consult a male doctor, you can even find female sexologist in Noida.


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