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Infertility, in general, affects the person in a lot of ways. The idea of not being able to provide the other partner the gift of being a parent has many effects. How does fertility issues affect mental health, is something we must all know. In men, especially those who are challenged with the infertility issue, go through mental issues and pressure as well.


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The idea of performance, when it comes to men is higher than women. This is because it is a societal taboo that they keep fighting. We will be discussing the matter of how can fertility issues affect mental health in men.



The connection to why fertility issues affect mental health in men


We all know that sex and physical pleasures are among the stress-relieving ways. Yet, when there are fertility issues, they cause the stress to rise, rather than removing it.


Men who get to learn they are infertile actually tend to experience normal yet sad emotions. Here, in this case, the fertility issue affects mental health. What can be the reaction to it? Fertility issues affect mental health and can cause shock, grief, depression, anger, and frustration, as well as the loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and a sense of control over one’s destiny.


How can fertility issues affect mental health?


Now let us see what are the major effect that fertility issue can have over the mental health of a man.


1) Sad and Negative thoughts


With the fact that you cannot give your partner the desired result of being a parent, it makes a man sad. There are problems in the relationship and this leads to negative thoughts.


Then come the family pressure and societal judgments. Not every man is ready to understand or get through that. You must stay motivated despite feeling and thinking about it.


2) Anxiety during sexual activities


Men are always in performance pressure while they have sex. It is only healthy to some extent. When you know that you have fertility issues, the pressure increases. You seem to have an idea that you can’t please your partner either.


This develops anxiety levels in males. This causes further problems in the relationship.


3) Depressive Thoughts


There are many depressive thoughts that come in a person’s mind. How do fertility issues affect mental health? This is one of the reasons. Men start thinking more and start judging themselves.

This must stop, thinking too much about your incapabilities is not right. There are many ways to treat the fertility issue and you should start visiting your doctor.


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4) Stress can cause Lesser Sperm Count


A lot of studies have shown that when you stress too much, you might experience a lesser sperm count. Fertility issue does not always mean complete impotence. Men need to understand this aspect of their body. Science and medicine have come a long way, and it can easily get treated.


5) Lack of focus


Among fertility issue that affects mental health, lack of focus is also included. You do not do things in the way they are supposed to. You fell too distracted because you keep thinking about your fertility issues.

Now when we have discussed how fertility issues affect mental health, here are some preventive options.


1) 1. Eat Rich in Antioxidants Foods


Antioxidants can improve fertility for men as well as women. The free radical can damage both sperm and egg cells, Antioxidants helps to deactivate these free radicals.

Foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are having beneficial antioxidants like vitamins C and E, beta-carotene folate, and lutein.


2) Avoid Trans Fats


Trans fats can increase the risk of ovulatory infertility, because of their effects on insulin.
It is generally found in hydrogenated vegetable oils which is generally used in some margarine, processed products, fried foods, and baked goods.


3) Swap Protein Sources


Replace animal proteins like meat, fish, and eggs with vegetable protein sources like beans, nuts and seeds are linked to a reduced risk of infertility.

A study showed that when 5% of total calories came from vegetable protein instead of animal protein, the risk of ovulatory infertility decreased by more than 50%.


4) Choose High-Fat Diary


High intakes of low-fat dairy foods may also increase the risk of infertility, wherever high-fat dairy foods may decrease it. It found that women who eat up one or more meals of high-fat dairy per day were 27% less likely to be infertile.


5) Get Active


Exercise is always good for health, even good to improve infertility. In fact, an inactive or sitting lifestyle has lead to a higher risk of infertility. A study shows that an hour per week of exercise is leading to a 5% lower risk of infertility.


Especially obese women, including both moderate and intense physical activity, together with weight loss, had a positive effect on fertility.


Fertility issues affect mental health, and it is important that measures to prevent it are taken. It is treatable and you must understand that. If you have any further doubt, you can always ask for help, visit your doctor, and take medication. For the treatment of the related condition, you can call us or can connect us on WhatsApp at +91 9654030724


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