Gallstones Symptoms For Female You Should Know About

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Gallstones are lumps or stones that develop inside the gallbladder or bile duct when certain substances harden. It can cause abdominal pain, sometimes which can unbearable. Gallstones are more common to female as compare to men. The common gallstones symptoms for female include nausea, vomiting, burping, and indigestion.


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What are Gallstones?



The gallbladder is a tiny organ behind the liver in the upper right abdomen. It’s like a pouch that stores bile (a greenish-brown fluid), that helps in digestion. Usually, gallstones form when there’s excess cholesterol in the bile.




What are the Gallstones Symptoms For Female?



The Most common gallstones symptoms for the female is a pain in the upper right abdomen. You may start to have abdominal pain from time to time when you eat foods that are high in fat, like fried foods. Generally, This pain does not last more than a few hours.



Apart from pain common gallstones symptoms for female are:



  • Nausea



  • Dark urine


  • Clay-colored stools


  • Stomach pain


  • Burping


  • Diarrhea


  • Indigestion




These gallstones symptoms are also known as biliary colic.



Asymptomatic gallstones Symptoms for Female



Gallstones itself don’t cause pain. Preferably, the pain occurs when gallstones restrict the movement of bile from the gallbladder.


According to the American College of Gastroenterology, approximately 80 percent of people have “silent gallstones.” It means they don’t experience pain or any other symptoms. In those cases, the doctor may find the gallstones from X-rays or during abdomen surgery.


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What are the Risk Factors for Gallstones?



Usually, risk factors for gallstones are related to diet and it can be controlled, while some factors are uncontrollable. Uncontrollable risk factors are can’t be changed.



Lifestyle Risk Factors



  • Being overweight or obese


  • Eating a diet that’s high in fat or cholesterol or low in fiber


  • Having rapid weight loss in a short period of time


  • Having diabetes mellitus




Uncontrollable Risk Factors



  • Being female


  • Having a family history of gallstones


  • Being of Native American or Mexican-American descent


  • Being 60 years or older




Medical Risk Factors



  • Having cirrhosis


  • Being pregnant


  • Taking certain medications for lowering cholesterol


  • Taking medications that have a high estrogen content




Foods to Avoid to Reduce the Risk of Gallstone:



To reduce the risk of gallstone try these tips:



  • Reduce the intake of fatty foods and choose low-fat foods. Avoid greasy, and fried foods.


  • Add fiber to your diet which helps to make your bowel movements easy. Add only one high fiber food at a time, it helps to prevent gas that can occur from eating excess fiber.


  • Avoid foods and drinks which can lead to diarrhea, including caffeinated high-fat dairy products, drinks, and very sweet foods.


  • Eat many small meals per day. Smaller meals are easier to digest.


  • Drink enough water. Around 6 to 8 glasses per day.


  • If you are planning to lose weight, do it slowly. Aim to lose no more than one kg per week.







In the above blog, we have discussed gallstones symptoms for female, some times, these stones are very painful and it would difficult to bear it. But to reduce this pain don’t take any over-the-counter pain killer and consult a doctor for proper treatment and get the medicines.


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