8 Amazing Health Benefits of Protein

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Protein plays an important role to maintain good health. The word protein derived from the Greek word proteos, which means “primary” or “first place.”

Amino acids are the main component of protein that join together to form long chains. The chain of amino acid which forms protein can be considered as a string of beads where the beads are an amino acid.

Proteins do most of their functions in the cell and have many benefits. So, let’s explore the benefits of protein and know how it helps to stay healthy.


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Benefits of Protein:


Here are 8 important benefits of protein which help you to stay healthy.


1. Growth and Maintenance


Proteins are essential for the maintenance and growth of tissues. The amount of protein your body required is dependent upon your health and your daily activity level.


2. Biochemical Reactions:


Enzymes are responsible to aid thousands of biochemical reactions, and these enzymes are protein. These enzymes take place within and outside of your cells. Enzymes also work from outside the cell, like digestive enzymes such as lactase and sucrase, which help digest sugar.


3. Acts as a Messenger:


Protein act as a messenger which is considered one of the best benefits of protein. Proteins are hormones too and these hormones are chemical messengers which help to aid communication between your cells, organs, and tissues.


4. Provides Structure:


A class of protein is called fibrous proteins which provide various parts of your body with structure, strength, and elasticity.


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5. Maintains Proper pH:


Proteins are essential in regulating the concentrations of acids and bases in your blood and other bodily fluids.


Examples of the pH value of common substances include:


1. pH 2: Stomach acid
2. pH 4: Tomato juice
3. pH 5: Black coffee
4. pH 7.4: Human blood
5. pH 10: Milk of magnesia
6. pH 12: Soapy water


6. Balances Fluids


Proteins play a vital role to regulate body processes to maintain fluid balance. Globulin and albumin are proteins in your blood which is used to maintain your body’s fluid balance by attracting and retaining water.


7. Bolsters Immune Health:


Transport proteins contain substances all over your bloodstream. The substances are transported by these proteins which include nutrients like minerals or vitamins, cholesterol, blood sugar, and oxygen.


8. Provides Energy


The most important benefits of protein are it provides energy, protein can be considered as a valuable energy source but only in situations of exhaustive exercise fasting, or inadequate calorie intake.


There are so many benefits of protein. It helps build and repair your body’s tissues allows metabolic reactions to take place and coordinates bodily functions. In addition to providing your body with a structural framework, proteins also maintain proper pH and fluid balance.


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