Causes of Heartburn: Know Before It Becomes Severe



Feeling of burning pain in your lower chest is what we call a Heartburn. Acid refluxes are the most common causes of Heartburn, wherein the stomach contents or acid flows back to your esophagus(i.e., food pipe). These common burning pain can last from a few minutes to several hours.


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The pain often gets worse after eating, in the evening, or when lying down or bending over. The unusual heartburn is common and doesn’t account for any severe cause. But the heartburn that is frequent and persisting can be a cause of the serious condition. Here, let’s know more about the Causes of Heartburn.


Know the Causes of Heartburn


Knowing about the exact heartburn cause is not obvious. But various factors may lead to heartburn and even can worsen the case;


1. Food we eat


  • Longer gaps in between the meals
  • Eating too much than required
  • Certain food items such as onions, chocolate, high-fat foods, citrus fruits, garlic, spicy foods, and tomato-based products(like canned sauces and soup)
  • Excessive intake of caffeinated beverages and carbonated beverages
  • Eating before bedtime


2. Lifestyle factors



3. Medical cases and issues


  • Pregnant women often encounter heartburn
  • Hiatal hernia
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • Medications like anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin


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How does Heartburn Feel Like?


In here, we will discuss various heartburn symptoms that include;


1. Burning sensation in the throat or middle of the chest from stomach acid is the primary symptom
2. Chest pain at the time of bending over, lying down or eating
3. Unpleasant sour and acidic taste at the back of the tongue or throat
4. Facing difficulty while swallowing
5. Unpleasant odor in the breath
6. Persisting cough or hiccups
7. Feeling of sickness


Remedies to Treat Heartburn


Prevention is better than cure! To prevent the causes of Heartburn you must reduce the creation of stomach acid. Simple lifestyle changes can help stop or reduce heartburn. The remedies include;


1. Take frequent but small meals and avoid overeating.
2. Improve your sleeping posture
3. Do not hold urine for too long.
4. Avoid sitting in the same posture for a longer duration. In short, change your sitting posture frequently.
5. Make sure to drink plenty of water.
6. A person with obesity much reduces weight.
7. Follow a healthy eating habit, i.e., limit fat intake or avoid eating deep-fried food items.
8. After eating meals walk for at least 15 minutes to avoid heartburn symptoms
9. Stay active and start moving, basically start exercising to avoid heartburn issues
10. Make a thorough review of your current medication, if any.


As discussed above, we may conclude that a simple lifestyle and behavioral changes can help in preventing the causes of heartburn. Negligence is not an option if it persists for a long period of time it may lead to other more serious conditions. Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma is the best cardiologist in Noida. If you are looking forward do book an online appointment with him, click on the link.


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