18 Most Surprising Health Benefits of Water Fasting

Divya Tripathi

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Water fasting, you may go for it due to different reasons, which can include spiritual, diet, or some other medical reasons. An individual is in a water fasting when he/she does not eat or drinks anything else other than water. Well, as such there is not any set time limit for water fasting, but medically it is suggested somewhere between from 24 hours to 3 days as the maximum time to go without food.


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Throughout history, people go for water fasting for spiritual or religious reasons. But, nowadays it is getting popular due to the wellness and natural health benefits of water fasting, often alongside meditation.



How to Start Water Fasting



There are various types of fasts, making it easy to find a method that fits your lifestyle.


Here is the list of different types of fasting:


  • Water Fasting: It involves only the drinking of water for a set amount of time.


  • Juice fasting: Intakes of just fruit juice or drinking vegetable for a certain amount of time.


  • Intermittent fasting: The food consumption is partially or completely confined for a few hours up to a few days at a time and a normal diet is resumed on other days.


  • Partial fasting: Certain drinks or foods like animal products, processed foods, or caffeine are remove from the diet for a certain period of time.


  • Calorie Restriction: Calories are restricted for a few days every week.



Who Get Benefited from Water Fasting?



Everyone can get health benefits of water fasting. Either you are seeking for a periodic, or you suffer from different conditions; obesity, autoimmune disorders, chronic disease, digestive disorders, food addictions, mental and physical exhausted, etc.


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Health Benefits of Water Fasting



Here are the Endless health benefits of water fasting:



  1. Improves Body Composition and Fitness
  2. Promotes Greater Satiety
  3. Boosts Your Metabolism
  4. Supports Fat Loss and Ketosis
  5. Encourages Better Insulin Sensitivity
  6. Improves Cardiovascular Health
  7. Lowers Blood Pressure Decreases Blood Sugar
  8. Improves Blood Triglycerides
  9. Promotes Heart Health
  10. May Slow Aging and Enhance Longevity
  11. Decreases Inflammation
  12. Increases Resistance to Oxidative Stress
  13. Improves Cell Recycling
  14. Increases Growth Regulation
  15. Protects Your Brain
  16. Reduces Harmful Protein Production
  17. Promotes a Healthy Stress Response
  18. Supports Healthier Collagen in Skin


How to Break the Water Fast?



Your gastrointestinal system was healing during your water fasting, including food to the body after the water fasting should be done slowly and in moderation to avoid problems. If you don’t want to disturb your digestion, you may continue a sort of liquid fast (green juices or smoothies) for a few days. On the 4th day, you can introduce salads back into your diet and adding soups, later on, will make the transition go smoothly.


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