Say No to Health Problems During the Winter Season

Anju Bisht

, Health A2Z

Well, its winter time!! The cold mornings, early evenings, freezy nights with a blanket tight is tempting, right? But with winter chills and changing weather, comes common winter illness. Let’s say bye-bye to health problems during the winter season.


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With this unpredictable weather, plan your diet and routine to keep yourself healthy. Here we will know about some health problems during the winter season.


Health Problems During the Winter Season


Buckle up! Here we are going to discuss various health issues during the winter season and respective tips to stay healthy in the winter;



1. Migraine Attack:


With the winter season, people who are prone to migraines happen to have the trigger due to the changing weather. You can avoid the trigger by monitoring the weather. Staying indoors during very cold or windy days can help to avoid triggers.



2. Cold and Flu:


Spending most of the time indoor either at office, school or at home you get in contact with people that are putting you at the risk of getting cold and flu. To protect yourself from this wash your hands timely and keep the house and other household items clean.



3. Dehydration:


Dehydration problems are common yet serious health problems during the winter season. Even a 5% decrease in water levels can drop your energy by 30-40%. So, forget not to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.



4.Heart Attack:


Winters put you at the risk of getting a heart attack. In order, to keep your body warm your heart has to work harder. Consequently, it increases your heart rate and blood pressure.


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5. Depression:


Some people may have a seasonal affective disorder (SAD), most of the people complain about feeling stressed, mood changes, fatigue, anxiety, and irritability. For this better not stay alone, stay active and keep your mind healthy.



6. Allergies:


Most of the people even happen to have allergies due to the change in the weather. Non-allergic rhinitis and allergic rhinitis are the most common type of allergies that appear at the same time of year and happens to have almost similar symptoms.



7. Joints Ache:


Joint pain is linked to winter because people often avoid exercising during winters due to the cold weather. And this inactiveness causes joint ache. Better bringing your workout indoors, improve the joint function by doing low impact aerobic exercises.



8. Asthma:


The common respiratory illnesses that happen to become more prevalent during winters. People with asthma make sure to cover their nose and mouth before going out.



9. Skin Cancer:


When leaving home, ensure to cover your skin properly. With this, you can decrease the risk of getting skin cancer.


Stay fit and healthy with just following simple basic tips i.e., stay hydrated and eating a balanced and healthy diet. Let make this winter a beautiful season, say no to health problems during the winter season.


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