Know What Can Be the Health Risks of Vaping!

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As teens and sometimes even as adults we seem to feel that doing certain things, makes us cool. This is what most of the people vaping will tell you. Most of them unaware of what are the health risks of Vaping. It does not really matter what you vape. You are soon to get addicted. Here are the following reasons why we do not encourage vaping. The government of India in the recent law also has banned the e-cigarettes pertaining to the health risks involved.


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Health Risks of Vaping to Your Heart:


Due to the increase in pollution and unhealthy lifestyle habits, many people are facing problems in their hearts even while breathing. This should be treated immediately by seeking medical assistance with the top cardiologist in Noida. One of the reports of 2017 which included a review said ” cardiovascular effects of vaping indicates that e-cigarettes may pose certain risks to the heart and circulatory system, notably for people who already have some form of heart disease” Another study in 2019 said that the chances of strokes increase way more than for the normal people. So it is time you take a decision.


What can be the Health Risk of Vaping on Your Lungs?


A higher degree of effect is to be seen in the lungs while there is more research going on. One of the researches of 2015 has said ” a number of adverse effects on both types of cells, including toxicity, oxidation, and inflammation. However, these results aren’t necessarily generalizable to vaping in real life.” Though it might still be unstable and not clear. Overall health is definitely affected and lungs will not be left untouched.


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What is the Health Risk of Vaping on Your Teeth and Gums?


Vaping appears to have a number of negative effects on oral health. One of the 2018 studies had before reported that exposure to e-cigarette aerosol makes teeth more prone to develop bacteria. According to the study vaping may increase the risk of cavities.


Another study from 2016 suggests ” vaping is associated with gum inflammation, a known factor in the development of periodontal diseases.” There was a 2014 review reporting that vaping may trigger irritation in the gums, mouth, and throat.


Are Vaping e-cigarettes Better?


Well, there are such doubts that traditional cigarettes might be worse than the new concept of e-cigarettes. This is though just a myth. This does not really happen. Both of these are equally addictive and harmful to the body.


You need to understand that increasing the health risk of vaping has been to be kept in mind. You cannot ignore the side effects with an excuse that the act is cool. You might want to quit, but that would need great will. If you do not have the will to quit you will just keep giving excuses. Among youth, e-cigarettes are more popular than any traditional tobacco product. We have a tea of experts to help you out with any doubts you might have about further health risks.


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