Know How Protein Boosts Immunity, Read It Here

Somya Verma

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Remember the times when you would pull your biceps and tell everyone that you were really stronger than them? Did you know that one major nutrient to help you get those biceps in real is Protein? Apart from making you help gain muscles, they do much more. It is less known that Proteins boost immunity as well. So drink the daal that your mom made, or binge more on your favorite chicken curry, or have them boiled.


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How Protein boosts immunity? What is the secret?


Protein is an important resource for enhancing immunity because it helps form the cells that operate the immune system. The amino acids that are found in protein form the building blocks of all the body’s cells – including the cells that power your immune system.


Benefits to show how Protein boosts immunity


You must have heard your mothers ask you to complete your meal with more daal and chickpeas, right? This is because of Protein and the ability to detoxify the body.


1) The magic of Whey Protein


One of the types of protein. This is an important part of which protein boosts immunity. We will tell you how! Whey protein has potent antioxidant activity because it is rich in the amino acids cysteine and methionine.


With a high concentration of these amino acids, immune function is enhanced through intracellular conversion to glutathione (GSH). Glutathione is the centerpiece of the body antioxidant defense system that protects cells against free radical damage, pollution, toxins, and infection.


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2) Keeps the body fluids in balance


When protein boosts immunity, your body fluids are in balance. This helps your body perform the body function in a better way. Proteins play a vital role to regulate body processes to maintain fluid balance. Globulin and albumin are proteins in your blood that are used to maintain your body’s fluid balance by attracting and retaining water.


3) Transports the necessary nutrients in the bloodstream


One of the most important parts of your immune system is the substances reaching the right places during the circulation of blood. Proteins contain substances to be transported all over your bloodstream. The substances are transported by these proteins which include nutrients like minerals or vitamins, cholesterol, blood sugar, and oxygen.


4) Keep you in the right energy


Protein boosts immunity with the help of the right amount of energy it keeps you in. The most important benefits of protein are it provides energy, protein can be considered as a valuable energy source but only in situations of exhaustive exercise fasting, or inadequate calorie intake.


There are so many benefits of protein. It helps build and repair your body’s tissues allows metabolic reactions to take place and coordinates bodily functions.


No one food will magically fend off the disease, but certain nutrients take the lead in helping protect your body from millions of bacteria, viruses and other germs – and protein is one of them. It has been shown whey protein can promote body health, by binding and inactivating bacterial toxins, inhibiting bacterial and viral adhesions, such as E. coli, and strongly promoting the growth of good bacteria, such as Bifidobacterium breve and Lactococcus lactis.


The coronavirus epidemic is not going away any time soon. That means continued vigilance for our own health and special vigilance for that of seniors and those with compromised immune systems. What we can do is to tackle the things in our control, like practicing good anti-disease hygiene, and strengthen our immune system and fend off illnesses. We hope you can use this knowledge and these suggestions to be well. So, eat enough as protein boosts immunity, which is the need of the hour.


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