Know How to Identify That You Have a Cold or the Flu

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Colds and flu have so many things in common that it can sometimes be difficult to tell apart. Both cold and the flu are caused by viruses that infect the respiratory tract. You have some of the same symptoms that you may feel uncomfortable and lazy.


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However, there are enough differences to help you identify that you have a cold or the flu. This could change the way you treat your symptoms.


With colds and flu, both respiratory tract infections are caused by viruses. But what is the real difference between colds and flu? Your symptoms are similar so it may be difficult to know which one affected you first. However, deciding what you have can make better treatment and faster improvement. First, avoid the virus with these tips that doctors use to prevent colds and flu.


Know How to Identify That You Have a Cold or the Flu




How to Spot the Difference Between Cold and Flu?


There are several symptoms which can help you to identify that you have a cold or the flu including;


Symptoms of Cold:





  • Sneezing



  • Body aches


  • Mild tiredness


Know How to Identify That You Have a Cold or the Flu




Symptoms of Flu:



  • Moderate to high fever


  • A sore throat


  • Shaking chills


  • Severe muscle or body aches


  • A headache


  • Stuffy and runny nose


  • Severe fatigue


  • Nausea



Know How to Identify That You Have a Cold or the Flu


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What are the Treatments for Cold and the Flu?

Treatments for the Flu:


Most people recover completely from the flu by resting at home, although you should see your doctor if you:


  • You are old (age more than 60 years)




  • You have a weak immune system


  • You have a very high fever, together with chest pain or an unusually severe headache.


  • If flu is confirmed then you should get rest, drink plenty of water, and stay warm.


  • You can treat the symptoms of flu by taking medicines such as paracetamol, cough syrup, and ibuprofen.



Treatments for Cold


Resting and taking proper care of yourself is normally enough to cure a cold. You should also try the following options including:



  • Provide proper rest to your body


  • Eat healthily


  • You can also take medicines for treating it such as painkillers (paracetamol or aspirin), gargle with salt water, and use decongestants.


Know How to Identify That You Have a Cold or the Flu






It is not difficult to identify that you have a cold or the flu. For this, you only have to observe properly the symptoms associated with these diseases.  For curing these disease you just have to take proper rest and medicine.


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