9 Most Important Safety Tips For Using OTC Medicines

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Are you aware of OTC or over-the-counter medicine? If yes, it’s good and if no then understand what it is? So, basically Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are those medicines that you can get without a prescription. These medicines can be used to treat the symptoms of many diseases that usually don’t need the help of a physician.


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There are around 300,000 OTC medicines that you can buy without a prescription. But these are serious medicines that need to be taken with care. Here are 9 safety tips for using OTC medicines:


Safety Tips for Using OTC Medicine:


1 Always Read the Label–All of It:


Read all the labels on the medicines, it will help you decide if you have selected the right product for your symptoms. It will also help you to understand the dosing instructions and be aware of any warning that may apply to you.


2. Opt the OTC Medicine That Will Treat Only Your Symptoms:


Some OTC medicines are only for one symptom like cough medicine and some are for multiple symptoms (like cold medicines that can treat stuffy nose, headache, and cough). Choose the medicine that treats your symptoms specific.


3.  What to Avoid While Taking OTC Medicine:


Like all prescription medicines, OTC medicines can cause some side effects or reactions. Read the label carefully to know what to avoid while taking OTC medicines.


4. When in Doubt, Ask About OTC Medicine Before:


Taking OTC medicine safely is too important. If you have questions, ask your pharmacist for the same.


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5. Take the Medicine EXACTLY as Suggested on the Label:


When it comes to OTC medicines, the excess amount is not better! consuming too much of an OTC medicine can be dangerous. Only have the recommended amount and at the exact duration suggested on the label.


6. Be Cautious While Taking More Than One OTC Medicine at Once:


Usually, OTC medicines contain the same active ingredients, it means the same pain reliever you having for backache may also be in the same cold medicine. So, it is clear that you are getting more than the recommended dose without even knowing it.


7. Don’t Combine Prescription Medicines and OTC Medicines With Consulting Your Doctor:


Sometimes combining different types of medicines can cause adverse terrible reactions or one medicine that can interfere with the other medicine’s advantage.


8. Always Ask Your Pharmacist for Safety:


Share this list of the things you are taking like prescribed medicine, dietary supplements and home remedies with your doctor or pharmacist at each visit so they can check for any possible drug interactions or side effects.


9. Always Give Infants and Children OTC Medicines which are for Their Age and Weight:


Always use OTC medicine to your children who are less than 12, which are specifically for their age and give them according to the dosage only. When giving pediatric liquid OTC medicines to your children, always use the calibrated measuring cup instead of using a spoon or cup. Remember to notice the expiry date Don’t use OTC medicines after the date.


well, these are the safety tips for using OTC medicines. One has to be very cautious while taking these medicines because like any other medicines these have side effects too that can give and adverse effect on your health.


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