Do You Know the Effect of Combining Prescription Medicines with Alcohol?

Divya Tripathi

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Combining prescription medicines with alcohol can have some unpredictable and unwanted consequences. When you receive a prescribed medicine, you may find a straight warning label about the risks of combining medicine with alcohol. Taking a drink or two at night is dangerous if you combined it with certain prescription drugs.


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Combining alcohol with medicines can be harmful. Some medicines can make you drowsy, sleepy, or lightheaded and combining it with alcohol can intensify these effects. You may face difficulty in concentrating or performing any mechanical skills. Even small amounts of alcohol can make dangerous to drive and when you mix alcohol with certain medicines you put yourself at even greater risk. Combining prescription medicines with alcohol can lead to falls and serious injuries, especially among older people.




What Are the Side Effects of Combining Prescription Medicines with Alcohol?


Even prescription medicines have their own assorted side effects when taken all alone, like nausea, drowsiness, loss of coordination, and changes in blood pressure. There are some long-term side effects regarding the use of prescription medicines that may include internal bleeding, heart problems, and liver damage.


While prescription medicine has their own side effects, these effects can be worst when combined with alcohol. Alcohol not only impact the effects of prescription drugs, but it can also change the effectiveness of the medications. Each substance of medicine has its own list of potential side effects that can be severely enhanced when mixed with alcohol. These side effects may include:



  • Dizziness


  • Drowsiness



  • Fainting



  • Impaired breathing


  • Internal bleeding



  • Seizures



  • Trouble sleeping


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What is the Effect of Combining Different Prescription Medicines with Alcohol?


People who are taking long-term prescription medicines should be more careful about drinking because alcohol can make some drugs less efficient and long-term conditions could get even more complicated. Examples of long-term prescribe medicine are medicines for epilepsy, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Let us talk about how alcohol can interfere with the performance of different prescribed medicine with alcohol.

1. Alcohol With Antibiotics


There are some antibiotics, like Tinidazole and Metronidazole which you should not take along with alcohol. Combining these with alcohol can tends to vomit, flushing of the skin, nausea, accelerated heart rate or shortness of breath.


There is a wide range of antibiotics available, amoxicillin and penicillin are the most commonly used. These can have different reactions to alcohol.



2. Alcohol with Statins


Statins are the medicines which are taken to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood. High levels of ‘bad cholesterol’ can increase the risk of developing heart disease due to fat deposits in your arteries.


There are no known side-effects of statins with alcohol. Well, consumption of statins can sometimes result as an increase of liver enzymes, which not treated well can lead to liver damage. So, it is important to take statins to stay within the low-risk drinking guidelines (not more than 2 units per day for men or 1 unit per day for women) and to take their liver function tested periodically.



3. Alcohol and the Immune System


There is not a certain prove about the effects of alcohol on the immune system, but it’s probably not a good to drink alcohol when you are feeling ill because it may feel you even worse.






So, here we have discussed that how combining prescription medicines with alcohol effect your body and brain as well. So, it’s better to avoid combining prescription medicines with alcohol to improve the performance of medicine and to reduce the side effect of the medicine which can enhance with the use of alcohol.


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