Can High-Grade Cancer Be Cured: Treatment & Prevention

Divya Tripathi

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Cells are the primary units of the human body. Cells grow and divide into new cells. Generally, the cell dies when they grow too old. and then new cells take their place and the cycle will go on.


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Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells uncontrollably in the human body. Cancer develops when the normal mechanism of body ’s stops working. It means, that old cells do not die and grow as an abnormal or uncontrollable cell. These additional cells may form a mass of tissue, which is known as a tumor, and this tumor can be cancerous. If a tumor is cancerous then it is malicious, it means these cells can grow anywhere and escalate to any parts of the body. There are some cancers too, which do not form tumors like leukemia.




What is High-Grade Cancer?


Undoubtedly, when we think about cancer it brings unknown fear in our hearts. Nowadays, it is spreading like air. Isn’t it! So, it is important to get knowledge about it, like its stages, symptoms, etc.


High-Grade Cancer is called ‘metastasis’ which is the medical term for cancer. Metastasis is cancer which spreads from one part to the other part of the body through blood or and forms other tumors as well. Metastasis is also known as metastatic cancer’ or the ‘stage 4 cancer’. For example, if prostate cancer spread to the bones is called metastatic prostate cancer.


Cancer appears in stages and that is as I to IV, and the IV stage is the most serious one. Each stage describes how big and dangerous is the tumor and how long it has spread.


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Where Metastatic or Metastasis Cancer Spreads Through the Body?


It can be transmitted to any part of the body. The most common places where cancer can accelerate are bone, liver, and lung.


  • Breast cancer can lead to the bones, liver, lungs, chest wall, and brain.


  • Bladder cancer leads to bone, liver, and lungs.



  • Ovary cancer leads to the liver, lung, and peritoneum.


  • Uterus leads to the bone, liver, lungs, peritoneum, and vagina.


  • Colon and rectal cancers lead to the liver and lungs.


  • Lung cancer leads to the brain, bones, liver, and adrenal glands.


So, it is clear that metastatic cancer spread to different parts of the body and it is not compulsory that symptoms always occur. So, it is dangerous.




How to Prevent Metastatic Cancer?


It is considered that diet, simple and balanced lifestyle can help to prevent the growth of cancer in anybody. Some nutrients can also help to prevent cancer like vitamin D, EGCG, ursolic acid, curcumin, and sulforaphane. Green tea, eggs, salmon, mushrooms, milk, and herbal diets are also some foods which help on the list.






As we discussed here, the high-grade cancer is a later stage of cancer that affects not only the original organ of the body but can spread to the other part of the body as well.


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