6 Side Effects of Pain Medicines, That Should Not Be Overlooked!

Somya Verma

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We today are able to find medication for most of our treatment, however, does taking medicines all the time make us healthy? In the case of mild pain that our body might suffer, we choose to take painkillers. We do not understand what side effects of pain medicines can be. Most of them just have effects like making us dizzy. Yet, the increased frequency and also the doze might lead to a fatal issue with the body.


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Pain does not just include the physical bruises that are felt and are visible, sometimes you also suffer from other body pains. Like you can experience, muscle pain, headache and for ladies, in particular, go through menstruation pain which forces one to take the painkillers. The major doubt is about the reliability of such painkillers. The side effects of pain medicines vary from dizziness to internal bleeding and kidney damage as well. It makes the choice and the answer to the question, if the painkillers are harmful, a bit tricky.


Common Side Effects of Pain Medicine:



Yet, after observation and studies, a similar pattern among most of the pain medicine has given some common side effects that have been faced by the patients. If you face any of these, do visit your doctor.



1) Drowsiness:


Usually seen as the common side effects of the pain medicines is dizziness or drowsiness where you tend to face cloud thinking and you have extremely low concentration power while you are working. You might also feel disoriented in some cases if you increase the dose of the painkillers



2) Constipation:


Well, this is one of the most common side effects of pain medicines. Aspirin which is taken by patients in most cases is known to cause indigestion in the body and might also be responsible for the stomach ulcers. Acetaminophen is another pain medicine taken during cold and cough that can upset your stomach.



3) Slowed Breathing:


Some of the pain medicines have side effects that cause a disturbance in your respiratory system. They might cause slow breathing or difficulty in breathing. Opioid analgesics commonly cause the problem in the respiratory system.


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4) Liver damage:


The most fatal side effects of the pain medicines include them affecting the organs of our body. Some pain medicines like methocarbamol cause liver damage. They are taken in case of muscle pain, but if not regulated properly can lead to liver damage.



5) Stomach problems:


Right from ulcers to indigestion. The pain medicines can cause great trouble to our stomach. It is essential that we judge these side effects and only then continue the dose of these medicines.



6) Kidney damage:


Most of the painkillers already have the mentioned side effects like kidney damage. This is mostly found in Ibuprofen, which is one of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that is commonly used and taken for pain reliefs. Naproxen is another example of the NSAID family pain medicine very commonly used.



In most of the side effects of pain medicines, the person has complained regarding stomach or dizziness problems. It becomes important to understand if our body is ready to take the side effects of pain medicines or not. We all know that “Excess of anything is bad” and so is the frequency of taking medicines like the pain killers. They can do a lot of harm to the body and reports suggest that an overdose has to lead to death in many cases. Try not to make your body, pain medicine dependent. Any guidance regarding pain killers can be consulted by our health experts.


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