Kidney Infection (Pyelonephritis): Need Prompt Medical Attention Today!

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Is kidney infection and UTI infection are connected? Yes, this infection is more related to the UTI infection. Because it generally begins when the bacteria spread to the kidneys via the bladder and you start experiencing nausea, back pain, fever and frequent peeing just like UTI infection.


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Define Kidney Infection:


Kidney infection is also known as pyelonephritis or renal infection, it is a common type of urinary tract infection. Bacteria frequently infect the bladder or the urethra and spreads to one of the kidneys. The symptoms of this infection include diarrhea, nausea, and back pain.


What are the Symptoms of Kidney Infection?


If you already have a renal infection, you may notice the following symptoms:




  • Pain in your back, side


  • Chills


  • Nausea


  • Urinating (peeing) often


  • Feeling like you have to urinate (pee) often, even if you just went


  • Pain or burning when urinating


  • Pus (thick, white/yellow liquid) or blood in the urine


  • Cloudy or bad-smelling urine


What are the Preventions of Kidney Infection?



The best option to prevent a renal infection is to keep the bladder and urethra free from bacteria by:



  • Going to the loo as soon as you feel the need to, rather than holding it in


  • Going to the loo after sex


  • Wiping from front to back after going to the loo


  • Washing the genitals every day, and before having sex if possible


  • Treating any constipation being constipated can increase the chance of developing a UTI


  • Do not use a diaphragm or condoms coated in spermicide if you’re prone to getting UTIs, it’s thought spermicide can increase Your risk of getting a UTI.


What is the Treatment for a Kidney Infection?



Kidney infections are treated with antibiotics. The doctor suggests you take an antibiotic medicine which treats the most common types of infections until your urine can be looked at to figure out the exact type of infection you have. Once your urine test results are available, your doctor might tell you to take a different type of antibiotic, depending on the type of infection you have.


If you have a very serious infection, you may need to stay in the hospital to receive treatment. If the renal infection was caused by a problem with the shape of the urinary tract, you may need to have surgery to correct the problem and prevent future renal infections.


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What is the Best Drink to Flush Your Kidney Infection?


Here, the best drinks to flush this infection such as:



  • Beet juice


  • Watermelon


  • Lemon juice


  • Cranberry juice


  • Pumpkin seeds


  • Smoothies


  • Ginger


  • Turmeric

How Can I Treat a Kidney Infection At Home?


Here, are a few options which you can easily apply at home to treat renal infections include:


  • Drink lots of water



  • Take probiotics


  • Get some vitamin C


  • Try parsley juice


  • Consume apples and apple juice


  • Take a salt bath




Today we have talked about kidney infection, I hope this blog would definitely help you out but if you realize that your condition gets really bad then go to the doctor’s clinic and consult with him/ her regarding your condition.


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