“Sajid-Wajid” Duo Breaks As Wajid Khan Dies At 42

Somya Verma

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Let us say, it is enough for 2020. We have not only seen the worst but losing on lives that matter to each one of us. With the news of Wajid Khan, the better half of the famed duo “Sajid-Wajid” passed away at a young age of 42 years. The news left the entire entertainment industry under great grief. The famous names are mourning over the death of a young artist who definitely made Indian music more enjoyable.


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As per the reports, the duo fame was suffering from a kidney infection which allegedly got worse due to the current spreading virus. While the COVID-19 connection is not yet confirmed, the kidney infection made the condition of the singer and composer worse. To his close and loved ones, his smile is what they cannot get over. His sheer dedication to his work has given the music industry gems that we always will be glad about.


How dangerous can kidney infection complications be?


Kidney infection, medically known as pyelonephritis is a serious infection that can often lead to health complications and cause lasting damage if not treated well in time as it can enter the bloodstream and cause lasting impact. It can lead to kidney scarring or even renal failure.


Since kidneys form an important part of vital body functioning, if left untreated, it can impact other body functions. Symptoms of a kidney infection can spread fast and lead to sepsis. People who are on prescription medication meant to prevent rejection of transplanted organs can also impair functioning.


Some of the most trivial yet common symptoms of a kidney infection can be fever, chills, abdominal pain, groin pain, frequent urination, nausea, blood in the urine which can worsen over time. Hence, getting timely medical help is crucial.


As we bid adieu to another important part of the industry, it breaks the heart of those who were close to Wajid. His brother Sajid who is also a composer was spotted in his last rites. Reports of his untimely demise surfaced on social media after his friend and singer, Sonu Nigam shared the news of his passing away. Fans and fellow Bollywood celebrities took to the internet to express grief over his sudden passing away.



No one can deny that this year has been worst for the Bollywood industry, after losing two greatest actors, now here comes a talented soul lost again. All we pray is that our readers and their loved ones are safe. Stay at home and take care. We are taking your care by delivering all the medical needs and essentials. Order on our website and keep yourself away from the crisis. Keeping the world and everyone in our prayers, GoMedii hopes for the well being of it’s customers!


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