Infobesity: Save Your Child From This Digital Age Disease

Vaibhav Saxena

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Infobesity is basically excess of information that is been consumed by the person in general time. This excess of information can lead to various complications and trauma which strings to other ailments.


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As said by the elders, overload or excess of anything in the world is disastrous and dangerous in every aspect. The same saying fits for the case of information overload as well.






What is Infobesity?


The infobesity is the combination of two words that are obesity and information. The obesity is the tendency of getting overloaded with fats or lipids but in the corresponding case, the fat is replaced by information. Alike the body our brain has some extent of capacity as well and when a person gets lured by the myriad of information, the condition arouses.


Moreover, information obesity is the infobesity synonym that has the similar meaning as well. Many people information obesity as a foe but it’s an actual condition that can cause intense trauma and confusion to the sufferer. This condition is popularly acquired by children whereas it doesn’t limit to children as adults can also fall prey to this disease.




What is Infobesity Epidemic?


The epidemic of the Information obesity is quite alarming and disturbing as the person gets easily lured by the bulk of information but doesn’t able to organize it.


The unorganized information is mishandled by the individual hence, the consequences can make the person confused between deciding what to study and what not. Also, this condition is generally aroused in the pseudo-intellectual people who strive to depict more information than they actually persist.




What are the Causes of Information Overload?


The infobesity is the condition that is nowadays extremely popular and has been acquired by a bulk of people around the globe. We are living in the information age where we are surrounded by the myriad of information. However, we lack in organizing the relevant and irrelevant information. The two main causes of this disease are mentioned below:


1. Information age: As we discussed earlier, the world has become a plump of information which feeds a bulk of news, jokes, rumors and other content every day. Therefore, living under circumstances can make us prey to obesity of information easily.


2. Unauthentic Sources: Today, in the digital world everyone wants to flaunt their knowledge. Regardless of the authenticity of the information. From our uncle to a six-year-old brat wants to brag their information every day.



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What is the Solution for Infobesity?


The information obesity is generally caused in children and teenage due to the curiosity factor that they persist. There is no solution against the curiosity, in fact, it is a great trait. There are a few guidelines that are mentioned below to tackle information obesity in children.


  • Limit the time of watching television, movies or phone.


  • Keep an eye on their social media platform so they don’t fall prey to harmful content.


  • Let their brain rest and process the amount of information they perceive.


  • Don’t pressurize child to study when they are clearly exhausted and tired.


  • Clear the confusion regarding any topic which is thriving in their mind.


The obesity of information is not limited to children. It is also caused in grown adults so, all the aforementioned solution should be implemented in life to avoid the overload of information in life.




Why is Information Overload a Problem?


Information is not a problem at all, in fact attaining information is the best habit that can have. However, anything in the world is sustainable when applied under limits, the excess of anything can cause troubles. Overload of information causes problems like behavioral changes, confusion, annoyance, distress, and headache often.






The times have changed a lot from past decades where digitalization has a keen role to play. As the things have been shifting towards the internet, the habitat for information gaining has changed as well. It is true that information is imposed during today’s time. Infobesity can cause extreme disturbing experiences so, it’s recommended to follow the solution guidelines and try to limit your knowledge gaining time.


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