Are You Suffering From Progressive Headaches?

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Many time we all complain about a headache, a pain in a head or other. But if you have headaches for more than one day, it might be due to chronic headaches.


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Instead of a specific type of headache, chronic daily headaches include a variety of subtypes of a headache. The term chronic refers to the frequency with which headaches occur and the duration of the illness.



The constant nature of chronic daily headaches makes it one of the most painful conditions for headaches. Aggressive initial treatment and long-term constant treatment can relieve pain and cause fewer headaches.




What is Progressive Headaches?


Chronic progressive headaches are also known as traction or inflammatory headaches, worsening and becoming more common over time. They account for less than 5% of all adult headaches and less than 2% of all headaches in children. They can be the result of a disease or a disease of the brain or skull.




What are the Symptoms of Progressive Headaches?


By definition, chronic headache daily occurs more than three months, 15 days or more per month. True (primary) chronic headaches are not caused by another disease.

There are chronic short-term and long-lasting headaches. Persistent headaches last more than four hours. They include:

  1. A chronic migraine
  2. New daily persistent headache
  3. Chronic tension-type headache
  4. Hemicrania continua



1. A Chronic Migraine: In this type of headache or a migraine, a person may have to face the following symptoms including;


  • Affect one side or both sides of your head


  • Have a pulsating, throbbing sensation


  • Cause moderate to severe pain



2. New Daily Persistent Headache: In this type of headache, a person may have to face the following symptoms including;


  • Often affect both sides of the head


  • Causes pain that feels like tightening or pressing


  • Causes mild to moderate pain in the head


  • It might have features of a chronic migraine or chronic tension-type headache



3. Chronic Tension-Type Headache:  In this type of headache, a person may have to face the following symptoms including;

  • Affects both sides of the head


  • Can cause mild to moderate pain


  • Causes pain that feels pressing or tightening



4. Hemicrania Continua: In this type of headache, a person may have to face the following symptoms including;


  • Affects only one side of the head


  • Causes daily and continuous with no pain-free periods


  • Cause moderate pain with spikes of severe pain


  • Responds to the prescription pain reliever medicines


  • Can become severe with the development of migraine-like symptoms


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What is a Tension Headache?


A tension headache is the most common type of headache. It can cause mild, moderate or severe pain in the head, neck and behind the eyes. According to some people, a tension headache feels like a tight band around the forehead.


Most people who have tension headaches also have episodic headaches. These occur on average once or twice a month.


However, tension headaches can be chronic. According to the Cleveland Clinic, chronic headaches affect approximately 3% of the U.S. population and they contain episodes of headaches that last more than 15 days a month. Women have tension headaches twice as often as men.




What are the Causes of Progressive Headaches?


There are several causes of chronic daily headaches that are hard to understand. Following are some primary chronic daily headaches causes including;


  • Inflammation


  • Problems with blood vessels in and around the brain.


  • Infections like meningitis


  • An intracranial pressure that’s either too high or too low


  • Traumatic brain injury


  • Brain tumor




What are the Risk Factors Associated with Progressive Headaches?


Following are some factors that are associated with developing frequent headaches include:


  • Female sex



  • Sleep disturbances



  • Snoring



  • Overuse of caffeine


  • Other chronic pain conditions


  • Overuse of headache medication






If you are also suffering from the progressive headaches than you should take care of it by visiting a doctor or taking medicines.


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