Interesting Facts About Metastasis: Signs and Symptoms of Metastasis

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As we all know that, today the disease cancer is increasing day by day causing several deaths and other problems. Today we will discuss signs and symptoms of metastasis.


Cancer is basically a disease of abnormal cell growth that invades or spread to other parts of the body. There are several possible signs and symptoms of cancer including a lump, prolonged cough, abnormal bleeding, a change in bowel movements, and unexplained weight loss.


The warning signs of any type of cancer are important not to ignore because it gives us the possibility to catch potential complications related to it. Early detection of the disease gives us a better chance to help patients recover the brain or nerve function that was affected by cancer.




Let’s Talk Some Cancer Statistics in India

The initiative “India Against Cancer” is operated by the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR) under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) which reveals the cancer statistics in India.


According to the NICPR, there is an estimation that approximately 2.5 million people are living with the disease. On an average, every year, over 7 lakh new cancer patients are registered and about 5 lakh cancer-related deaths held in the country.


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Signs and Symptoms of Metastasis

1. Progressive Headaches

A common headache can arise for lots of reasons that aren’t certainly dangerous. You can’t respond and overreact to every a headache with a brain scan. So the question is how do you identify which headaches to take very seriously if you are a cancer patient.


A headache that can be potentially dangerous is identifying when a headache is out of character and falls into the category of a progressive headache.


A progressive headache is not a typical headache or a migraine that we are accustomed to. This type of a headache gets worse, and continue for days as well as won’t go away easily. You should call the doctor if a headache gets progressively worse and doesn’t start to fade even with time, medicine, and rest.



2. Weakness

The weakness in this disease is not associated with pain. Injury by cancer spreading to the brain doesn’t cause pain in arms and legs, but instead, it causes weakness in your arms and legs.



3. Seizures

In this disease several types of seizures are included such as any twitching of the lip, falling to the floor, twitching of the hand, difficulty speaking. If a person has a history of cancer and is doing well, do not ignore any sign of seizure.



4. Balance Problem

Several cancers that spread to the brain occur in the cerebellum part of the brain, which controls balance. This can affect simple tasks that a person may not consider alarming. Such as if a person tries to grab the doorknob, but keep missing the target but if something is clearly off with the coordination, it needs to be brought to a physician’s attention.


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The above-written symptoms of metastasis are top signs that anyone should not ignore. The metastasis cancer is treatable but only if it diagnosed early.

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