Initial symptoms of breast cancer: Early detection saves life

Divya Tripathi

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We all know that cancer is a death-dealing disease and breast cancer is the most common among all.  According to a recent report of economics times, Breast cancer became the most common cause of cancer death than any other type of cancer.


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An increase of 63% in the death of female patients suffering from breast cancer was recorded in 2019 at the hospital. Are these data scary? So, prevent yourself from the deadly disease you should know the initial symptoms of breast cancer.


Initial symptoms of breast cancer


Initial symptoms of breast cancer may vary from person to person. Some common, early warning initial symptoms of breast cancer include:


  • Changes in the skin like redness, swelling, or other visible differences in one or both breasts.


  • A change or increase in size in shape of the breasts


  • Changes in the appearance of the nipples


  • Nipple discharge rather than the breast milk


  • General pain in any part of the breast


  • Nodes or lumps inside the breast


Symptoms more specific to invasive breast cancer are:


  • Itchy or irritated breasts


  • Change in the color of the breast


  • Increased size or shape of the breast during the short period of time


  • Feel hard, tender or warm while touching


  • Flaking or peeling of the nipple skin


  • A breast thickening or lump


  • Pitting or redness of the breast skin (like the skin of an orange)


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Diagnosis of breast cancer


It’s important to remember that some other conditions may have caused these changes. Changes in the skin texture on the breast may occur due to any skin condition such as eczema, and swollen lymph nodes may be also caused by some other infection in the breast, unrelated illness. Consult to a doctor for the proper checkup, he/she will be the only one who can help you to determine whether something you notice is cause for concern.


Breast exams


When you visit your doctor with concerns about breast pain, tenderness, or a lump are considered as initial symptoms of breast cancer, So, the doctor might perform some common test to examine this.


Physical examination


Your doctor will examine your breasts and the skin on your breasts if he finds any initial symptoms of breast cancer. He might also check for nipple problems and discharge. They may also feel your breasts and armpits to look for lumps.


Medical history


Your doctor will ask some questions about your health’s medical history, which includes any medications you might be taking, as well as the medical history of immediate family members.


Because breast cancer can sometimes be related to your genes. It’s important to tell your doctor about any family history of breast cancer. Your doctor will also ask you about your initial symptoms of breast cancer, including when you first noticed them.




Your doctor may request a mammogram, which is an X-ray of the breast, to help distinguish between a benign and malignant mass.




Ultrasonic sound or ultrasound waves can also be used to produce an image of breast tissue.




An MRI scan in conjunction with other tests. MRI scan is another noninvasive imaging test that is used to examine breast tissue.




In this test, the doctor involves removing a small amount of breast tissue to be used for testing.




We should be aware of all the above mentioned initial symptoms of breast cancer. The early diagnosis helps us to get the treatment on the time it would help you get recover fast from the deadly disease.


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