Learn the Symptoms of low immunity

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“Immune system (healthy): Dear virus, Can you please try again later.” Like this, your strong immune system defends you from harmful microorganisms.  If you have symptoms of low immunity then- Virus (to Immune system): Okay dude, let’s try this today! Now it’s totally up to you, who do you want to vote to be sarcastic?


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Jokes aside, a healthy immune system does a hell of a job while protecting you from diseases, parasites, and infection. You need to know that your immune system gets weakened due to some medical conditions or bad habits. The matter is how you gonna notice, you have weakened immunity. Well, we are here to make you wise.

Signs and Symptoms of low immunity


Based on the data from Time of India our body tries to warns us about low immunity by showing signs and symptoms. Which listed-below, read ahead to know them:


1. Suffering from frequent infections


Are you falling ill more often than usual? Problems like persistent cold, cough, sore throat and sniffles i.e., allergy driven indicates low immunity. Besides, having diarrhea, inflamed gums, mouth sores or frequent UTI, are the ways your immune system tells you that its health is compromised.


The slightest change in the temperature makes you fall sick. It could be due to low body temperature as a stronger immune system needs a normal oral body temperature which should not read below 36.3°C. For the reason, viruses like Rhinovirus are more easy to develop at 33 degrees temperatures.




For boosting body temperature and immunity, you must exercise regularly. Some spices like garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves can help you in the same.


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2. Lacking Fever Symptoms of low immunity


Having a fever is considered as the body’s way of fighting infection and diseases. A good sign of low immunity can be observed with the body’s inability to create a fever when require. Thus, if you haven’t experienced a fever for many years but have had infections- Yeah, its a sign you have low immunity.


3. Unhealthy GUT


Your Higher immunity lies in a healthy GUT. Conditions such as chronic constipation, indigestion, acidity, bloating, and flatulence are the warning symptoms of low immunity.  An imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria results in poor GUT healthy. Gladly there food items that can improve your GUT health, which we have already discussed previously.


4. Vitamin D3 Deficiency


Vitamin D hand a bigger responsibility in the immunity context. Where most of us suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. You can know about Vitamin D deficiency with the help of a blood test. If you read positive in low Vitamin D you need to make enough effort to boost its level.


Furthermore- constant fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, injuries not healing well,  insomnia, depression and even dark circles under the eyes are common symptoms of low immunity.


Besides the above symptoms- too much mucus can be an indication of low immunity. For the same, avoid too much sugar, salt, processed food, and dairy as well.  Fight off all the harmful microorganisms with stronger immunity.


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