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Medical tourism has today got the fancy name, but it is not something that did not exist before. India has always been the origin of so many great medical experiments. From Yoga to Ayurveda, we as a country have always been on the chart for people coming for various treatments to India.


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India offers the best hospitals with high-quality and world-class services. With the advent of globalization and the culture of consumerism, there is an increasing tendency among people to travel in search of better quality and affordable health options. Medical tourism includes medical treatments, wellness, and alternative medicines. India offers great support in this scenario. In case you are still struggling with treatment problems, you can always drop a query on the contact form. You can also reach out to us through email at, to know more about our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



With the Top hospitals in India for medical tourism doctors associated with us, GoMedii International adds value to the medical tourism industry in India. This involves the extra benefit and perks that are offered by the company. We have for you the top hospitals in India for medical tourism that you can choose from. Each one of them has a great facility and experienced doctors that have for years entertained the people from a different land.


List Of Top Hospitals In India


1. Apollo Hospital Chain




Every year, Apollo Hospitals see patients traveling from various countries to seek treatment at hospitals. The highly experienced staff knows exactly how to assist international patients such as yourself. At Apollo Hospitals they go the extra mile to not only provide you with top-quality medical treatment but undivided attention and care from the moment you arrive at the airport.


2. The Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai


The hospital is like a home of experienced medical professionals in enhancing patient care. Jaslok Hospital is well known for launching the latest technologies in different areas of the Medical Field. Service excellence is achieved through an ideal blend of medical brilliance and personalized care.


Jaslok Hospital relies a great deal on innovation, introspection, and to continuing upgrade and improve patient care. Along with GoMedii, the hospital provides healthcare that includes prevention, excellent treatment, rehabilitation, and health education for patients and their families. The association with GoMedii, it has helped a number of international patients to receive high-quality treatment in India.


3. IVY Hospital, Punjab


IVY Hospital logo


Right from the infrastructure to the latest medical technology acquisition, ivy Hospital Mohali has always kept its patients first and strived to deliver not world class but the world’s best care for its patients since its inception.


The hospital is providing tertiary level medical care in Cardiology, Cardio Vascular & Thoracic Surgery, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Urology, Nephrology, Renal Transplant Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Plastic Reconstruction & Cosmetic Surgery besides other departments. The hospital has hired highly qualified and experienced doctors to head various departments.




4. Columbia Asia, Bangalore




It is an international healthcare chain with hospitals located in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The hospitals in India have highly skilled medical and paramedical experts to deliver world-class health care. They are specially designed for the needs of patients and built for maximum comfort and efficiency.


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5. Aster CMII, Chennai




A great healthcare center, the hospitals specializes in  Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Gastro Sciences, Orthopedics, Organ transplantation, and minimally invasive surgeries backed by high-end critical care and emergency medicine.


Aster is committed to offering care and compassion to our patients with advanced facilities by creating a positive ambiance to heal. In a nutshell, Aster stands out from the rest of the peer hospitals on the hospitality front.




6. Jaypee Hospital, Delhi



The Jaypee Group is committed to serving the cause of millions who seek dedicated quality and affordable healthcare through its multi-super specialty facility, the Jaypee Hospital. With advanced healthcare facilities, the latest diagnostic services, and state-of-the-art technology focused on medical specialties, the Jaypee Hospital strives to be the ultimate choice for medical care.




7. Max Super specialty hospital, Noida


Find the Best Medical Treatment In India at Low Cost


One of India’s leading providers of comprehensive, seamless, and integrated world-class healthcare services. With a network of 14 hospitals, we offer treatment across all 29 specialties. The chain has 2300+ leading doctors with international level expertise who are committed to providing the highest standards of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.


It has NABH and ISO accredited hospitals that offer the best in class services to our patients. They understand seeking medical treatment outside your home can be physically and mentally difficult. So at Max, they are eager to get you home!



Along with these brilliant choices of hospitals and healthcare, GoMedii International provides you holistic care and enhances your experience of traveling for your medical needs. We ensure that the doctors and the medical staff are highly skilled and you are attended 24/7.


We ease your work in terms of the Visa process and also later on documentation. A relationship manager is hired for your constant assistance, GoMedii International is a holistic package and we are glad to be a part of your medical journey, so signup now!

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