Track Such Habits That can Lower Blood Pressure

Anju Bisht

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Silent killer (High blood pressure), which is known to be symptomless and quietly damages your blood vessels. Further can lead to a serious health condition. When you are diagnosed with the condition your doctor will prescribe medication & recommend making lifestyle changes. Subsequently, we’ll be discussing such habits that can lower blood pressure.

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Act on 7 habits that can lower blood pressure


It’s high time, you start acting on these 7 habits to lower your BP.  Move ahead with these changes and live well even with high blood pressure.


1. A balanced diet low in salt


Count eating a heart-healthy diet in the list of habits that can lower blood pressure. A diet that is heart-healthy will help in managing your blood pressure and lower the risk of other chronic diseases. Your diet must aim for Fruits, vegetables, Whole-grains, Low-fat dairy products, lean poultry, fish, nuts, legumes, and Non-tropical vegetable oils.

Alongside, limit items such as saturated and trans fats, sodium, red meat, and sweetened beverages.


2. Cutoff drinking alcohol


Now is the time for you to cut back on the alcohol. Yes, limiting alcohol can be of great help in lowering blood pressure. Drinking too much will definitely raise your blood pressure.  Your doctor will also advise you the same if you diagnosed with HBP.


3. Call Workout among habits that can lower blood pressure


Okay, just get moving! If you are not a gym freak or something, you don’t necessarily have to be so. You just need to get your self a perfect pair of workout ready shoes to indulge yourself in regular physical activity. Being readily active every day can help you control your blood pressure.


4. Let your body weight to be healthy


Carrying extra weight can be uncomfortable plus can increase your risk of high blood pressure. It about time for you to act-up and start losing some pounds if you are overweight. Yes, maintaining a healthy weight can offer you many health benefits. And losing some pounds can help you in lowering your blood pressure.


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5.  Start stress management


Stress can temporarily increase your blood pressure as it influences some activities that lead to a rise in the levels. Such activities include overeating, smoking, drinking, and others. Learn to deal with stress, make the right choice to fight with it. Make managing stress a must in the list of habits that can lower blood pressure.


6. No cigarette buddies


While smoking does not shows any proven connection between hypertension however it does sow the seed for it.  Smoking leads to the build-up of fatty substances in the arteries which is the process HBP is known to stimulate.


7. Coordinate with medications and doctor


Combine with a healthy lifestyle you need to look after for HBP medications. If your blood pressure is high then surely you need to take your medicines properly. To keep your blood pressure at a healthy level, one type of prescription medication won’t be enough. Your coordination with your healthcare provider can make you achieve the target level smoothly.


Include the above-listed lifestyle changes for a better life. Habits that can lower blood pressure will also help you in lowering the risk of other conditions as well.


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