Common Q’s and A’s related to Counting Calories

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Hundred & millions of blogs over the internet calling out “Calorie This, Calorie That” of which how much do YOU know about it? Even if you are familiar with the term calorie, there are things still hovering in your mind. Your worries are our concern, we are here to answer your Q’s and A’s related to counting calories. Let’s resolve all your queries for now and forever.


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Questions and Answers related to Counting Calories


As usual, let’s begin with ‘B’ as in basics questions. Here let’s keep heading forward to know about all the Q’s and A’s concerning.



Q1: What are Calories?


People and things are talking about calories, something like “calories from food.” What does that mean? This signifies- Calorie is a unit that measures the energy or you say it “unit of energy” that your body gets from something.

Example: When I am saying- this thing has ‘X’ calories, it means X amount of energy your body will get from that.


Q2: Calories are good or bad?


About good and bad, counting calories as bad is not an option. Your body needs calories to get energy. Thus, calories are good until you don’t take too much. As for weight gain, if you do not burn enough of the calories you take it will lead to weight gain.

Most foods contain calories, you need to watch at how much you can consume. Then again, you have the next question ready.


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Q3: How many calories to consume?


Calorie intake depends upon your area of interest. Interest counts- Lossing weight or building muscles. When aiming to build muscles you need to consume more than you burn. As for weight loss, the case will be vice versa.

As for counting calories, a simple way to calculate calories is to multiply your weight in kg by 29 for fat loss or 40 for muscle gain.


E.g.- A woman with 60kg weight should aim for 1740 calories a day for weight loss.


Q4: What are sources of calories and How to get calories in the right amount from them?


You get calories from three macronutrients- protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You have to divide your calorie intake among these 3 macronutrients.  Where protein and carbohydrates, in general, have 4 calories/gram. As for fat, it contains 9 calories per gram. Your approx intake of calories, in general, 2g of protein, 1g of fat per kilogram of your body weight and the remaining can be filled with carbohydrates. Accordingly, you can refer to counting calories for yourself.


We hope by now your basic queries related to calories are clear. Calories count can be important if you are aiming to lose weight. You eat more calories than you burn can lead to weight gain. So, counting can help you with eating fewer calories and help you with weight loss.


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