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Every year we have a lot of women travelers across the borders and they have severe issues that they deal with. At GoMedii we provide all our patients, the best of the technologies in their treatment procedure. Most of the women who have contacted our teams complain about the lack of women sanitation and surgeries in their native countries.


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Dissolving cysts in the breast which is also known as Fibrocystic breasts is one of the major problems faced by women who fill up our inquiry forms. You can sign up with us too and register for any treatment you require in India. Keeping our services at the best, we served a to of patients with the Fibrocystic breast issue.


What are Fibrocystic Breasts? And What Causes the Condition?

It must be understood, what are these Fibrocystic breasts. They are not exactly breast cancer but can be extremely dangerous for the women who develop them. Hence, a brief knowledge of the same is extremely necessary.

Fibrocystic breasts are composed of tissue that feels lumpy or rope-like in texture. Doctors call this nodular or glandular breast tissue. It’s not at all uncommon to have fibrocystic breasts. More than half of women experience fibrocystic breast changes at some point in their lives.

Although many women with fibrocystic breasts don’t have symptoms, some women experience breast pain, tenderness, and lumpiness — especially in the upper, outer area of the breasts. Breast symptoms tend to be most bothersome just before menstruation. Simple self-care measures can usually relieve discomfort associated with fibrocystic breasts.

Fluctuating hormone levels during your menstrual cycle or commonly called periods, have high chances of causing breast discomfort and areas of lumpy breast tissue that feel tender, sore, and swollen. Fibrocystic breast changes tend to be more bothersome before your menstrual period, and the pain and lumpiness tend to clear up or lessen once your menstrual period begins.


How can I know I suffer from Fibrocystic breasts?

There are certain very prominent symptoms that you might have that will give an indication of the fact that you are suffering from Fibrocystic breast.


Signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breasts may include


Breast lumps or areas of thickening that tend to blend into the surrounding breast tissue. Generalized breast pain or tenderness. Breast lumps that fluctuate in size with the menstrual cycle.

Green or dark brown non-bloody nipple discharge that tends to leak without pressure or squeezing. Breast changes are similar in both breasts.

The monthly increase in breast pain or lumpiness from midcycle (ovulation) to just before your period.

Fibrocystic breast changes occur most often in women in their 20s to 50s. Rarely do postmenopausal women experience fibrocystic breast changes unless they’re on hormone therapy.


When should you see the doctor?

There is a certain threshold after which it is important to take care of the condition. It is then when you are supposed to see your doctor. This can be due to the following points.


  • You find a new breast lump or area of prominent thickening.


  • You have specific areas of continuous or worsening breast pain.


  • Breast changes persist after your period.


  • Your doctor evaluated a breast lump but now it seems to be bigger or otherwise changed.


Can fibrocystic breasts hurt all the time?


It may not even be possible to feel any lumps when the breasts are examined by the woman herself or by her doctor. In other women with fibrocystic breasts, the painful breasts and tenderness are constant, and many lumpy or nodular areas can be felt throughout both breasts.


Does stress level also cause fibrocystic breasts?

In many cases, fibrocystic breast tissue is affected by hormone levels and the menstrual cycle. Symptoms can also be caused by environmental factors like diet and stress levels.


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What can be the treatment process to get rid of fibrocystic breasts?


There are certain ways that are used by our doctors in order to have the condition treated. Here are some discussed briefly:

Fine needle aspiration biopsy: The doctor inserts a small needle into the lump and removes a few cells for testing.

Core needle biopsy: The doctor uses a slightly larger needle to remove three to six small cylinders of tissue from the breast. Specialists then look at the samples under a microscope.

Surgical biopsy: A surgeon makes a cut into the breast to remove either a small amount of the abnormal tissue or the entire lump. Removing the entire lump is known as an excisional biopsy.

Lymph node biopsy: The doctor takes tissue from the lymph nodes under the arm to check for cancer cells. An excisional biopsy is also known as a breast lump removal or a lumpectomy.

A lumpectomy removes only the abnormal tissue and a small amount of surrounding tissue from the breast. It leaves the rest of the breast intact.


What methods of diagnosis does the condition involve?


You can be diagnosed by various methods that you can opt for. The hospitals associated with us have the best facilities.


Clinical breast exam

Your doctor checks for unusual areas by visually and manually examining your breasts and the lymph nodes located in your lower neck and underarm area.



If your doctor detects a breast lump in your breast tissue, they will suggest you get a mammogram, It is actually an X-ray exam that focuses on a specific area of concern in your breast.




An ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of your breasts and is often performed along with a mammogram. It is one of the most common diagnostic methods.


Breast biopsy


If a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound are normal, but your doctor still has concerns about a breast lump, you may be referred to a breast surgeon to determine whether you need a surgical breast biopsy.


What kind of procedures are involved in the process of treating fibrocystic breasts?


There are various types of surgery and process that can be chosen. Hence, you can see through what kind of treatment you wish to opt for.


It is needed when most of the breast tissue stays in place. In some cases, a more invasive intervention is necessary. If doctors suspect cancer, a surgeon will remove lymph nodes that are close to the breast tumor to look for any evidence that cancer has spread. When the surgeon removes a cancerous tumor, they must be sure that they have removed all the cancer cells. However, this can only happen if and only if there is anything cancerous detected.



It is another type of breast-saving surgery, though less common than a lumpectomy. Around a quarter of the breast, including the tumor, is removed. Reconstructive surgery to replace the removed tissue may be an option after having a Quadranectomy.

The other one is a Mastectomy, which actually is the complete removal of the breast, which can only happen and will be needed if things are out of hand.


Where in India can you get your treatment done?

Hospitals in India have equipped themselves with the best of the technology. We have patients from different countries and continents that actually were extremely delighted with the service we have provided them. This was only possible with the help of the best hospital chains that are present in the country. Some of them being as follows:


1. Apollo Hospital Chain


Better Fibrocystic Breasts Treatment In India | Breast Cancer Hospitals In India

Credit: Apollo Hospitals

Every year, Apollo Hospitals see patients traveling from various countries to seek treatment at hospitals. The highly experienced staff knows exactly how to assist international patients such as yourself. At Apollo Hospitals they go the extra mile to not only provide you with top-quality medical treatment but undivided attention and care from the moment you arrive at the airport.

2. The Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai


Better Fibrocystic Breasts Treatment In India | Breast Cancer Hospitals In India

Credit Jaslok Hospital

The hospital is like a home of experienced medical professionals in enhancing patient care. The Hospital is well known for launching the latest technologies in different areas of the Medical Field. Service excellence is achieved through an ideal blend of medical brilliance and personalized care.


3. Columbia Asia, Bangalore


Better Fibrocystic Breasts Treatment In India | Breast Cancer Hospitals In India

Credit Columbia Asia Hospital

It is an international healthcare chain with hospitals located in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The hospitals in India have highly skilled medical and paramedical experts to deliver world-class health care. They are specially designed for the needs of patients and built for maximum comfort and efficiency.


4. Jaypee Hospital, Delhi


Better Fibrocystic Breasts Treatment In India | Breast Cancer Hospitals In India

Credit: Jaypee Hospital

The Jaypee Group is committed to serving the cause of millions who seek dedicated quality and affordable healthcare through its multi-super specialty facility, the Jaypee Hospital. With advanced healthcare facilities, the latest diagnostic services, and state-of-the-art technology focused on medical specialties, the Jaypee Hospital strives to be the ultimate choice for medical care.


5. Max hospitals


Better Fibrocystic Breasts Treatment In India | Breast Cancer Hospitals In India

Credit: Max Hospital

One of India’s leading providers of comprehensive, seamless, and integrated world-class healthcare services. With a network of 14 hospitals, we offer treatment across all 29 specialties. The chain has 2300+ leading doctors with international level expertise who are committed to providing the highest standards of medical excellence at a fraction of international costs.


We are sure you will not regretting choosing us, once you have gone through our website. Register yourself and get the experience you deserve. GoMedii will never disappoint you. Come to India for better health and living.


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