6 Most Effective Stress Reliever During the Lockdown

Divya Tripathi

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As we all know that nowadays we are dealing with a pandemic disease due to which there is a lockdown in the whole country. Which makes many people stressed as they are not able to move out of their houses to even meet their friends. But don’t worry there is no need to be stressed. You can spend your time well at your home. Here we going to share some effective stress reliever during the lockdown which helps you to stay clammer and relax.


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Effective Stress Reliever during the lockdown


1. Cooking the stress away


Like many people, I am finding cooking (and sometimes eating) is an effective stress reliever during the lockdown. Whether you are using your leftover veggies for making soup or baking a cake it’s good to use up all the food in your house before going out shopping.


2. A bit of gardening


Yes! gardening can also work as an effective stress reliever during the lockdown for those who love planting. You can planting seeds in seed trays on your windowsill. It will be incredibly rewarding when you see them start to poke their first leaves up through the soil.


3. Dance your troubles away


You can play loud music on in the kitchen and having ten minutes of dance madness along with your little one. It’s would be really a fun distraction and it’s will also help to burn off the anxiety.


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4. Working it out


Exercise has been was an effective stress reliever during the lockdown as it manages hormone-related anxiety and insomnia. When There is a lockdown and all the gyms closed, So, say hello to the yoga and take 20 minutes for yourself to go through the routines. It helps you to calm your mind and slow my heart rate and think through the day ahead.


5. Music therapy


You can try some of your hidden talents which you forget after your collage like singing songs or playing your favorite. You can start tagging your friends to encourage your friends to pick up that old instrument or to learn a new one at this time.


6. Master planning


You must agree with me that it is important to have some sort of routine and schedule each day. It helps you to feel calmer and less stressed. As well all have a Monday to Friday schedule and then a more relaxed routine at the weekends. It seems to be keeping us all calmer as a family.




Here we have explored some effective ways to relieve stress during the lockdown. These are the simple steps that can help you to stay clammer and relax. You can share these to near and dear ones and for more exciting information you can visit our website.


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