Yes! I am 100-year-old and work for long hours

Divya Tripathi

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Kasturba is the name of a lady who sets an example for those who said “that’s it I can’t work now” and proved that age is just a number.


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Kasturba is 100 and working just like another girl of age 40. She started working when she was just 18 as a teacher in her village school. Which was around 10 km far from her place and she used to walk till her workplace as she did not have any mode of transportation. She said it was one of the main reasons for her fitness.



At the age of 20, she got married and became a mother of two beautiful kids. But life was not the same for her, after some time her husband left her along with his kids.



At that time she got depressed and went into a shell, but soon she self-realized that she cannot be like this. She has to be with her kids and work for her survival.



She started working again, and she worked really hard as she was managing her kids and job together. She gets very little money, which was actually not enough for their kid’s survival and studies. But she never complains and worked really hard. She provided excellent education to their sons. And they bagged government jobs as officers.



But she denied going to the city with her sons and lived happily in their village. Now she is teaching children in the village without any cost and wants that they become a good human being one day. She is living happily over there. She lived a very simple get up early in the morning, went for the walk and yoga than go to the school. In the evening she spends some time with his dog who is her best companion.


She believes “I’ll keep going until I can’t walk anymore. I go one day at a time.”


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