Jamal Hossain & His Story Of Trusting GoMedii To Win Back Life!

The story that we bring to you is of one of our dear patients from Bangladesh named Jamal Hossain, a 48-year-old who contacted GoMedii with his Kidney issues. Most of us are aware that our kidneys take the most toll as they are responsible for the toxin removal from the body.


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When Mr. Hossain reached out to GoMedii, he knew that his kidney was not working right & there was something seriously wrong but no help was available to him. His journey is an example of how your faith in your treatment partner like GoMedii can save and make your life better. It is the story of patients trusting GoMedii!


What are the various Kidney Diseases faced by us?



Our Kidneys are the warriors of our body, every time any toxin enters, they take the charge of cleaning it up. Thus, one can imagine how much the warrior can be wounded.


Kidney stones


One of the most common conditions faced. The causes and symptoms are very obvious. This happens mostly due to unhealthy eating habits or can be due to other causes as well.




Glomerulonephritis is an inflammation of the glomeruli. Glomeruli are extremely small structures inside the kidneys that filter the blood.


Polycystic kidney disease


A serious condition to deal with, what Mr. Hosain reached out to us for! Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disorder that causes numerous cysts (small sacs of fluid) to grow in the kidneys.


Chronic kidney disease


The most common form of kidney disease is chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is a long-term condition that doesn’t improve over time. It’s commonly caused by high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is dangerous for the kidneys because it can increase the pressure on the glomeruli. Glomeruli are the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys where blood is cleaned. Over time, the increased pressure damages these vessels, and kidney function begin to decline.


 Mr. Hossain & His Fight For Better Living


Jamal Hossain


When Mr. Hosain arrived in India, we ensured that his priority that was Chennai as a place was kept in mind. We ensured that the hospitals we recommend would be as per his choices. We stood by our Customized plans finally with patients trusting GoMedii.

It only makes a better impact when your treatment partner ensures not just the main treatment but also other aspects that come under extra perks. Drop your queries now.


Mr. Hosain and His Struggle Back Home!


What made Mr. Hosain choose GoMedii was his disappointment from the diagnosis back home. He was not only doubting the reports, he was also suffering a great deal of pain without any remedy.

We got the consultation done at the earliest and recorded his preference, this way it was easy for us to get his treatment started. Mr. Hossain was received by the GoMedii team, which also arranged for him and his family a comfortable stay.

Mr. Hossain had heard about the beaches of Chennai and wanted to visit them, the team made sure that the wish is granted and organized a mini-tour as per his wish.


The date of the surgery was fixed and he was admitted a day before to be kept under observation. The surgery was a one-day job but the doctor suggested that he stay in the hospital for another 2 days to see the necessary improvements.


Once the condition was stable, Mr. Hossain was discharged and all his papers were taken care of. He thanked the team for the continuous support & great response throughout!


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Why is it great to choose GoMedii as your treatment planner?


Hossain Jamal


GoMedii provides the following services which make it stand out as a great treatment partner.


Transparency Assured


All the processes and progress during the treatment can be tracked & monitored with technology-driven platforms by patients.


Holistic Treatment Partner


GoMedii is not just a medical tourism company but a medical treatment partner with complete medical care from the patient’s arrival to their departure.


Local Services Availability


GoMedii assists the patients to settle with the local and easy to avail services like Local SIM cards, internet facility, travel, and accommodation, etc.


Multilingual Approach


GoMedii breaks language barriers with interpreters on the human end and a multilingual app on technology ends.


Record Monitoring & Security


Medical records are maintained and secured by technology solutions like Health Wallets, with complete control of access in the hands of patients as per their comfort.


Follow up & Tracking


Technology-driven tracking systems for patients in concern with their health and supportive customer service for regular follow-ups.


Do you think we are a shot to go with? Then what are you waiting for? As far as Mr. Hosain and his journey goes, we have created a bond of trust which will stay with us forever! 


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