Mithilesh Gets Kidney Stone Surgery at Rama Hospital

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Stomach aches might be a usual phenomenon, now and then. A lot many times it is not just the part of your abdomen but maybe a little on the side. We tend to ignore such issues and feel that it was just another stomach-related discomfort. While Mithilesh Dev, one of our patients had a similar misconception, what happened next is the story you would get to know here.


Kidney stones are one of the most common yet serious conditions that affect a large section of mid-aged men and women. Surprisingly, Mr. Dev had no such symptoms where he could say beforehand that he was suffering. This story helps us know why you must keep a regular body checkup routine to not be shocked and surprised at the end.


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How did Mithilesh contact GoMedii?


Mithilesh had experienced a lot of problems before when it came to contacting the right doctor and hospital. Hence, this time he wanted a medical treatment partner to help him. He searched and a friend living in Noida mentioned GoMedii. He said, he had already seen GoMedii online but wanted to get feedback which his friend helped.


He then filled out our query form and the team at GoMedii contacted him as soon as they received his issue. Mithilesh then shared his reports which were finally sent to Dr. Arya who asked him to get admitted as he needed urgent surgery.


Kidney Stone Surgery At Rama Super Speciality Hospital



Our patient Mithilesh Dev,  finally agreed to get treated at Rama Superspeciality Hospital. Rama Hospitals across various departments and locations has earned a staunch and solid reputation for its world-class offerings, expertise, talent, and experience as well as tireless dedication to bringing healthcare and self-care to Indian and International patients alike.


When Did Mithilesh Dev get diagnosed?


Mr. Mithilesh did not have any significant symptoms as mentioned, however, it was a very unbearable pain which he thought was due to a long fasting period or just congestion of some sort that must have caused him constipation. It, however, was not the case. Dr. Arya of Rama Hospital was supervising his case and said that despite no symptoms the diagnosis for kidney stones was positive and Mithilesh must go under treatment.


The doubts were still troubling our patient even after he had dropped his query online with us, hence we asked him if he needed any second opinion to which he said yes he would be fine with it. Even the second opinion was requested through GoMedii. In his words, “I wanted to be sure, I knew the GoMedii team would help me in this also”.


After the final decision, going ahead with the second opinion as well, Mr. Dev then got his treatment done with Rama Superspeciality Hospital in Hapur.


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What Are Kidney Stones Treatment?


Kidney Stones Treatment Helps Patients Take Charge of Life


Kidney stones are stone-like deposits that form inside the kidneys. They’re made of salts and minerals and their formation has a lot to do with dehydration and low water content.


Although there are several causing factors behind kidney stones, they can affect any part of the urinary tract from the kidneys to the bladder. Kidney stones are formed when minerals in the urine become concentrated and bind together.


Kidney stones are asymptomatic until the stone’s structure is small enough to be passed out voluntarily. Drinking lots of water helps in passing the stone and making it easier to manage the pain.


In other cases, however, it becomes difficult and straining for the human body to overcome kidney stones. In this scenario, the formation of the stone is large enough to block the urinary tract completely. If the situation of kidney stones gets too complicated, patients will require professional help with Kidney stones treatment in India.


Experience a great patient-care system with GoMedii 


After the treatment was over Mithilesh Dev thanked the team for taking a quick response to his case. He thanked the doctors and medical staff at Rama Hospital who made sure he was attended to on regular basis. 

If you too wish to experience such patient care,  just drop a query to us on our website or contact us on WhatsApp (+91 9654030724). Patients may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will connect with you as soon as possible.


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