Levocetirizine Side Effects, Usage, Dosage and Treatment

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Allergies are bad times in one’s life, it makes your body exhaust itself and you end up lethargic. There are many reasons for suffering from allergies, but then the preventions also have consequences after we take some medicines. One of them is Levocetirizine which is used. Levocetirizine side effects are extremely common but can also be severe if cautions are not taken. We, in the following, will not only be discussing the effects but will also talk what dosage, treatment, and warnings that should be kept in mind.


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What are Levocetirizine and Its Usage?



Levocetirizine is one of the antihistamines that is used to relieve allergy symptoms like these: watery eyes, runny nose, itching eyes/nose, sneezing, hives, and itching. How does sit work? It blocks the natural histamine which is produced by our body in response to the allergies that the body suffers. Here are some of the brands that Levocetirizine is available under the: Xyzal Allergy 24HR Tablets, Xyzal Allergy 24HR Oral Solution, and Xyzal.



What should be the Dosage to Avoid Levocetirizine Side Effects?



While the drug is obtained in two different ways, that is in the form of Tablet or in the form of a solution, one should be aware of the dosage that is supposed to be taken. For adults it is suggested that the dosage should not cross a tablet of 5mg, however, when it comes to pediatric considerations, It is suggested that the solution base should bot cross about 2.5ml.



What are Levocetirizine Side Effects?



Every allergy or any condition preventing drug is bound to have some of the other kind. In most cases they are common but sometimes it can be severe. Among the common ones are:



1) Fatigue:


Well, any drug has to have an effect on the metabolism of the body. It can make you feel either too energetic or extremely lethargic. This is a known fact, hence when it comes to the levocetirizine side effects. It is that the body suffers fatigue when you intake the particular drug.


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2) Dry Mouth:


The drug has many common side effects like dry mouth, it is due to the process which the body goes through which causes the body to have a dry mouth.


3) Blood Pressure Fluctuations:


One might feel that the blood pressure is either high or low in case of drug consumption. The heartbeat also can be irregular and hence precautions on the dosage is supposed to take care of.


4) Stuffed or Running Nose:


There are chances that you might suffer either from a running nose or from a clogged and stuffed nose. This is mainly due to the work of the drug on the body.


5) Headache:


One of the most common Levocetirizine side effects is a headache, we tend to face it in most of the consumption of various drugs. It is therefore common even in this case.



6) Bloody Nose and Fever:


These two can be considered as one of the most uncommon Levocetirizine side effects. Fever is harmful and should not be a side effect at all. Similarily loss of blood due to the bloody nose is also not correct to be faced after consumption of the drug.



What are the other concerns of Levocetirizine side effects?


There are many patients who worry about increasing weight, drowsiness and what should be the ways of taking the drug during pregnancy time. While the increase in weight might be the other rare side effects, drowsiness is the usual common side effect of many drugs. Hence any Levocetirizine side effects have to be kept in precaution, as it might affect your body in different ways. If you have any other doubt regarding this particular drug, you can always contact our experts at our website.



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