Managing Sick Days With Diabetes Can Be Tough, We Made It Easier

Somya Verma

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When you have a chronic condition, it becomes even worse during sick days. Managing sick days with diabetes is another challenge that one has to face. You have to keep your sugar level in control, and at the same time make sure, you do not overdo certain medicines. This will only make things worse. So, here are some tips and solutions on how you can manage.


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Why is managing sick days in diabetes difficult?


When you are managing sick days in diabetes, you must understand the fluctuations. Your sugar level fluctuates which can be a big problem. The medicine you take can have an effect on your diabetes. These make managing sick days with diabetes an important thing to take care of.


What to do in managing sick days with diabetes?


While we have already mentioned above, the level of sugar in blood going high has is known when you are managing sick days with diabetes. Well, here are some of our tips to make sure that you do not have a lot of trouble with those days.


1) Check your blood glucose level


Got sneezing all day? Hit your checkup routine. Get your blood sugar level checked up. Rise and shine with your diabetes sugar check machine and then go on with your medication for cold. This makes managing sick days with diabetes difficult as a whole.


When you’re fighting off an infection, your blood glucose levels tend to run a little higher, thus necessitating more insulin than usual. But if you’re severely dehydrated, are vomiting or are simply unable to eat, your BGLs may drop. Also, aspirin in large doses can lower blood glucose levels while decongestants can raise BGLs.


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2) Do not let stress level rise


Yes, of course, a severe cold will lead you to feel extremely restless. This results in stress levels to rise. And guess what happens then? This is what will result in the imbalance of the insulin levels in your body. This is not good for your body and your health.

It is bound to put some or the other stress on you, being sick is hard, this makes managing sick days with diabetes difficult.


3) No overdosing


You think, that eating more meds will help, right? However, it does exactly the opposite. You must visit your doctor with the consultation of what is supposed to be done in order to reduce any ill effect on the body when managing sick days with diabetes. This makes managing sick days with diabetes difficult as a whole.


4) Be safe from diabetic ketoacidosis


You suffer from something called Ketoacidosis when you get sick in diabetes. According to UW, “DKA comes from not having enough insulin in the body. It can be life-threatening. When you are sick, it often develops quickly. It can even happen within a few hours. When you do not have enough insulin, the body burns fat for energy.”


5) Enough fluid


Fluids are recommended for anyone who’s sick because diarrhea and vomiting can cause dehydration. People with diabetes should be even more vigilant about drinking fluids because high blood sugar levels lead to more urination, adding to your risk for dehydration.


Managing sick days with diabetes is tough, but it is easy when you have things planned out. For better management, get doctors nearby, and book appointments. Use our app to get better health advice.


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