Medication Related Problems For CKD Patients

Somya Verma

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Chronic illness brings with it a multi-level problem. One of them can be medicines. We have medication-related problems that you can face if you are suffering from Chronic Kidney Condition. We have some of the research and studies related to solving and also understanding this issue. We will discuss the research and giving an idea of what problems can you face as a patient as well as the healthcare provider.


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There was research conducted at the Jimma University Medical Center which discussed the medication relate problems that might be faced by the CKD patients. Another one was conducted in South India that read, “Evaluation of prescribing practices and drug-related problems in chronic kidney disease patients: A cross-sectional study” was performed over a 6-month duration.


What are the medication-related problems that can be faced by healthcare providers?


There are a number of things that can hinder the healthcare provider in giving the right care to the CKD patients and it does involve the medicated related problems as well.


1. Incorrect Prescriptions


Has your doctor ever asked you to re-check the medicines you ask for? Well, that is because sometimes the patients bring incorrect or outdated prescriptions. This is one of the major medication-related problems faced by doctors treating CKD patients.


2. Juggling between Diabetes and CKD


One hurdle that might turn into the medication-related problem is the nephrologist and diabetologist struggling to not fight. In simple words, those suffering from diabetes and CKD have to be managed in a different way than the others.


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3. Right Nephrologist


As we have already seen, finding the reason and causes of CKD is itself a tough task, until you are diagnosed. Hence, finding the right doctor can build up to be a medication-related problem for many.


4. Maintaining the kidney function well


Safe medication use in CKD is a complex process involving the determination of kidney function, consideration of changes in drug pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) as kidney function declines, and judicious use of therapies to manage uremic complications and other conditions.


5. After-effects of medicines


As per the journal published with the title, “Medication Safety Principles and Practice in CKD” Patients with kidney disease are also susceptible to further kidney injury and metabolic derangements from medications which can make it worse.


Adverse medication-related outcomes in CKD can be classified as those leading to kidney damage. A major medication-related problem for CKD patients.


6. The Process of removing too much potassium


This can be tough. While the Kidney is already incapable of filtration, the wrong methods can cause a lot of harm to the organ. One of the reasons being, hyperkalemia can shift potassium from the extracellular to intracellular space.


As we have discussed, one must understand these medication-related problems while dealing with CKD. You cannot ignore them and must visit your doctor for consultations.

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