A Plan Of Care And Plan Of Action For The CKD Patients

Somya Verma

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How well will you be able to manage your kidney disease depends on how well you have laid out your plan of care and plan of action. In most cases, people suffering from CKD, do not think much, because they are in most cases unaware of what they are doing. Hence, we are here to tell you, that you must have good and planned care and action. Be prepared for the worse to be free from any mishaps.


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Why is the plan of care and plan of action necessary when suffering form CKD?


We know that CKD is a chronic condition that you cannot detect just like that. Given the capability of your kidney, it might decline with years and infections. Hence, if you are lucky to find it before its too late, you can take better care of the particular condition.


What must be the plan of care and plan of action?


Once you are diagnosed with CKD, you must take enough care of yourself. This includes the test for the medicines. If you need it, you must order medicines. Get our app then order medicine online from GoMedii!


1) Check your GFR level


There are certain levels of the GFR test that you might have to check. Once you get the range where your CKD is affecting your kidney, start to plan your diet and other daily chores as per that particular level. For example,


Kidney damage 60–89 with mildly decreased GFR need to do the two following important things:


  • Adjust medication doses


  • Minimum yearly assess the rate of GFR decline


2) Look for the current and future risk factors


Your plan of care and plan of action must always have the risk factors involved in it. You should know what might be the risk factor that has caused the CKD. It helps you take better management care of your condition. Some of the risk factors are:


  • Hypertension


  • Cardiovascular disease


  • Diabetes History of acute renal failure Hematuria


  • Age >60


  • Autoimmune disease


  • Other urine sediment abnormalities


  • Family history of CKD


  • Urologic disorders


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3) Slow the progression


As you know there are stages in CKD, so your plan of care and plan of action must entail the idea of stopping the kidney from further damage. Provide easier, nationally consistent access to genetic counseling and testing to enable earlier detection and treatment of inherited kidney disease.


4) Diet Planning


What you eat affects your kidney the most. You must be wondering why? Well, it is because the kidneys are responsible for the filtration system that depends largely on what you are eating. So make sure when you make your plan of care and plan of action you must have the right food to eat and consume.


5) The right pharmacy


Choose the right pharmacy which provides you the medication you require. This is the ultimate addition to your plan of care and plan of action checklist. As a patient of a chronic condition, you must have everything planned beforehand.


6) Book Appointments with Doctors for checkups


Get appointments with your nephrologist. If you cannot find a good one by yourself, then book an online appointment in simple steps by downloading the GoMedii App!


A good plan of care and plan of action, must not be underestimated. It helps in getting the best out of a chronic condition. Make your own for CKD and help yourself improve your living.


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