Mobile Addiction in Kids: Are you Afraid of it?

Sonali Kapoor

, Health A2Z

Nowadays most of the kids are addicted to mobile phones they play games watching videos and what not. But excessive use of mobile phones is really dangerous for kids. Today we are going to discuss mobile addiction in kids and how to control this.


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What is Mobile Addiction in Kids?


The main reason for mental stress in children is mobile, due to which problems like uneasiness and uninterrupted children are increasing. And it has a very bad effect on the mind too.


By the use of mobile phones in the night, the number of neurochemicals which are made in the brain decreases. This is a type of disease. Children have started using mobile nowadays, whether it is homework, answer questions, children stick to the mobile every time.


More use of this amazing invention of technology is causing more mental stress to children than adults. The use of mobile is very dangerous for the health of the children, the radiation coming out affects the brains of the children, due to which the children’s brains are weak. And the biggest damage is for the eyes. Therefore, do not let children use more of the mobile, otherwise, the mental stress can increase in children.


Mobile Devices Can Be Educational


Mobile devices are fun and they can be educational as well. According to the American Association of Paediatrics used to suggest that kids only have 2 hours of screen time a day. They have newly revised this advice saying that screen time can be educational. However, they DO emphasize that kids need to be mobile and physically active, not just sit there like a sack of potatoes exercising their thumbs.


Always Keep These Things in Mind While Your Kid Is Using Mobile:


  • While using the mobile, let your child wear anti-glare glasses.


  • Ask him to not play more games on mobile.


  • Be by their side while they use mobile.


  • Excessive use of mobile can have a negative impact on the eyes.


  • Do not keep the phone near the heart or in the pocket for a long time.


  • Do not leave the smartphone under pillows at all, symptoms of insomnia might be induced.


  • Holding the phone for a long time may cause pain in the cervix.


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How to Control Mobile Addiction in Kids?


There are a few ways to control mobile addiction in kids:


1. Get Active


Make sure that your kids are enrolled in any physical activities. Bodies need to move at a young age to increase flexibility and strength. So get them in the habit of being active. It’s good to break up screen time rather than allow your kids to sit there for hours and hours.


2. Work First


Ask your kids to complete their daily tasks, be it their school homework or anything, before they stick to the phones.


3. Natural Stop


Kids generally get frustrated when asked to leave the game, therefore, to avoid the hassle, give them a 5-minute warning beforehand.  When the time is over, they know they have to turn it off and this might prevent the chaos.


4. Family Time


It is very important for the kids to spend time with the family. With this, they somehow grow mentally as well as physically. Give them proper time to enhance their lifestyle and healthy habits.




Here we have discussed mobile addiction in kids and how to control this addiction in your children. We have also discussed some factors due to which the mental imbalance in the children is increasing. Due to these negative aspects, keep your children away from mobile, do not allow them to use the mobile for long. If you are feeling that kid spending most of the time in using mobile then consult a doctor about this issue.


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