Nail problems: Nails Might Signal Health Conditions

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Your nails might signal health conditions, do you know that? I’m sure most of you do. Okay, let’s quit beating around the bush and get straight to the point. Various conditions or issues related to kidney, heart, lung, liver, diseases like anemia, infection and even exposure to certain poisons can be indicated by changes in the nails.


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Diseases affect the body as well as the nails, changes in- the blood flow, growing structure, shapes of your nails in ways that might become notable. Hence, nails might signal health conditions that require immediate treatment. Treating the condition beforehand can protect your nail as well as your life.


Nails Might Signal Health Conditions:


Let’s figure out the various nail problems, as Nails might signal health conditions. We will discuss a long list of nail problems for better understanding as nails might signal health conditions.


1. If Nails are Pale?


Having your fingernails a little paler might be a sign of a blood disorder that is known as iron deficiency anemia. In general, iron deficiency lead to an improper supply of oxygen in the blood as an effect it will cause the skin to become pale. Pale nails might also be reflecting on various diseases like early diabetes, liver problems, or any/both of which might be causing impaired blood flow.


2. Are They White?


The previous point and this one might be alike but it is differentiable. Though the tips of your fingernails are naturally white, note if your whole nail is white or is visibly pale it could be signifying various health issues such as hepatitis, hypoalbuminemia, or Kidney disease. In rare cases, it might reflect diabetes or Congestive heart failure.


Don’t mix the condition of the white nails and white spots on the nails. They are two different conditions, where white spots on the nails are not harmful. They usually appear when the nail is being stroked against something or got bent but is not broken.


3. Yellow Type of Nails?


Oh dear! Yellow nails are obvious gross. When you note yellowish tone with the thickened nail structure, it is a sign of fungal infection. Fungal infections usually happen in the nail bed and underlie in the nail plate. It would be better to get help from the doctor as in the worst scenario it might cause serious conditions such as severe thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes or psoriasis.


4. What Blue Nails?


That’s somewhat true. Technically talking your nails are not blue it’s your nail bed that is blue. Well, there are a lot may reason associated with it. Blue nails might be signifying conditions such as lung problems, heart diseases, a bacterial infection on the nails, too much silver consumption and Wilson’s disease. Where body not getting enough oxygen is the most significant one.


5. What is Rippled Nail?


The appearance of small cracks and pits in the surface of the nail is known as pitting of the nail bed. This condition is associated with psoriasis, in some cases, it might reflect on eczema, inflammatory arthritis or dermatitis.


6. Having Split or Cracked Nails:


Breaking of nails even at the slightest touch might be indicating an overactive thyroid gland. Thyroid disorder can cause your nail plate to crack and even can split them from the nail bed. Get help from a doctor if you have brittle nails, thin nails, lifted nails and if the nail grows slowly.


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7. Know about Splinter Hemorrhage:


In this condition, you’ll notice some splinter-like lines underneath the fingernail.  These lines may occur if you smash your fingers against something hard. But if you haven’t it could be due to some underlying medical conditions such as antiphospholipid syndrome, infectious endocarditis, iv drug abuse, nail psoriasis, rheumatic heart disease or systemic lupus erythematosus.


8. Spoon Nails:


In this condition, you will have soft nails that look scooped out. Spoon nail usually takes a concave shape where you can hold a drop of liquid inside it. Here the condition can highlight iron-deficiency anemia or a liver condition. Spoon nails conditions can indicate heart disease and hypothyroidism too.


9. Heard of Beau’s Lines?


 Beau’s lines are ridges or grooves that form across the nails. It might be confused with vertical ridges on the fingernails. Where beau’s lines result from any type of disease or illness that is severe enough to affect the growth plate of the nails. Apart from trauma, conditions such as malnutrition, chemotherapy, and severe infections can result in beau’s lines.


10. Are You a Nail Biter?


If yes, your habit of nail-biting might be signaling persistent anxiety. This is a kind of stress-relieving habit that is found in both children as well as in adults. There is a link between obsessive-compulsive disorder and nail-biting. If you can stop it on your own better get discuss it with a doctor.


Last but foremost, your changing nail can reveal many conditions. Note that not all nail abnormalities are harmful and changes in the nails are rarely the first signs of any condition. To get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Nail problems treatment, you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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