National Epilepsy Day: Be Aware of The Risk Factors and Symptoms

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The 17th of November has been observed as National Epilepsy Day in India. Epilepsy is one of the most common seizure problems that affect all ages. Epilepsy treatment is usually tended by medication and in some cases by surgery, devices or dietary changes. Today we are going to discuss epilepsy treatment and how it will be beneficial for your health.


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National Epilepsy Day:


National Epilepsy Day is celebrated by the Epilepsy Foundation, India. It is celebrated across India in order to make people aware of the disease Epilepsy. National Epilepsy Foundation is a charitable and non-profitable organization that takes in charge of the awareness programs.


What is Epilepsy?


Epilepsy is also known as a seizure disorder. It is a long term disorder that causes unprovoked and recurrent seizures. A seizure is a sudden speed of electrical activity in the brain. With the help of these medications and surgery and epilepsy treatment, it can be cured effectively.


What can be Epilepsy Symptoms?


The epilepsy symptoms are extremely evident when the individual goes through the condition. Here are some of them:


1) Temporary Confusion:


When you go through the seizure, you feel disoriented and confused about the surrounding you are found in the condition. It is hard to understand the people and the place.


2) Rigorous Limb Movements;


The patient might show very frequent and high jerking of the hands and legs. The movement might be uncontrollable. This can also hurt the individual.


3) Unconsciousness:


In case of some seizures, the person can go completely unconscious and not recall for some time. One must ensure the period is minimum in all cases.


4) Other Psychological Symptoms:


The individual might complain of anxiety. They also can face deja vu and tell about it often. This must not be neglected if happening frequently.


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What are the Risk Factors of Epilepsy?


There are some risk factors of epilepsy:


1. Age


The onset of epilepsy is more common in children and older adults, but the condition can start at any age.


2. Family History


If you have a family history of epilepsy, you may be at the risk of developing a seizure disorder.


3. Head Injuries


This injury is responsible for some cases of epilepsy. You can reduce the risk by wearing a seat belt while riding in a car and helmet on the bike.


3. Stroke and Other Vascular Diseases


Stroke and other blood vessels (vascular) diseases lead to brain damage which may trigger epilepsy. You can take a number of steps to reduce the risk of these diseases. These include managing your intake of alcohol and avoiding cigarettes, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and exercising regularly.


4. Dementia


It can increase the risk of epilepsy in older adults, age- 40-55.


5. Brain Infections


Infections like- meningitis, which causes inflammation in your brain or spinal cord, can increase the risk of brain infection.


6. Seizures in Childhood


High fevers in childhood can sometimes be similar to seizures.


The main purpose of celebrating National Epilepsy Day is to make people aware of Epilepsy. Different research centers and organizations are involved in finding and research for curing Epilepsy. The team at Epilepsy Foundation also makes regular attempts to make sure that the epilepsy patients participate in every walk of life. The people at the foundation work to change the perception of people about Epilepsy patients. The organization also endeavors that the society and community accept and value epilepsy patients with respect.


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