How To Manage Night Shift Work With Diabetes

Divya Tripathi

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Night shifts with diabetes can be challenging, Changes in routine can cause difficulties to the individual from meal times to medication schedules. In addition, changes in working shifts can affect your ‘body clock’. If your sleep gets disrupted it can lead to difficulties in controlling your blood sugar.


Diabetes is a lifelong disorder that is to be treated carefully and regularly. Keeping our sugar levels in a healthy range is really important to maintain a healthy life. Consult with the best endocrinologist in Noida to know how to properly manage diabetes.


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Night Shift Work With Diabetes and Their Risk:


Healthy eating important if you go for night shift work with diabetes. Choosing the right foods and amounts can help you manage your blood sugar levels. Over time, if your diabetes is under control then it can lead to serious health problems, like:



Healthy Lifestyle Changes in Night Shift Work With Diabetes:


If you work in the night shifts, so you need to work on these main three key areas to improve your health.


1. Diet – Meal Planning and Snacking:


Night shift can disturb your meal timings, which makes meal planning more difficult. This can increase your dependency on ready to eat meals and snacks. These snacks are quite high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value.


Always consume home-cooked food to ensure the nutritious value of the food. Plan your meals in advance, it can help you if you have less time to think of what to cook. In addition, bring home-cooked healthy snacks to work rather than consuming something processed.


2. Physical Activity


As we all know physical activity has lots of health benefits, whether you are diabetic or are at risk of it. Night shift work can make it difficult for you to stick on an exercise routine. But try to be physically active as much as you can.


Physical activity is not only beneficial to control your blood glucose levels but it is also good for mental health and the heart.


3. Sleep:


Night shift work can affect your sleeping routine and quality of sleep. Disturbed sleep patterns can affect your blood sugar levels. Try to get good sleep it can help you control your blood sugar level too.


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Techniques to improve your sleep include:


  • Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine, exercising, smoking, it can make it difficult to sleep.
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and free from noise.
  • Avoid using electronic devices such as mobile phones before bed.
  • Practice relaxation and meditation techniques.


When to Eat If you Do Night Shift With Diabetes:


Have your lunch at noon and dinner around 7 pm regardless of your shifts. Avoid heavy meals during the night that can lead to constipation or heartburn.


Having your main meals during the day and early evening will help you to control your blood sugar level.


Don’t wait to be too hungry. Add some healthy snacks during your shift. It can help you to keep your energy levels up blood glucose levels down.


If you opt for night shift work with diabetes you need to be in the regular touch to your doctor and discuss your medication timing to your doctor. He/she is the right person to tell you the right time to have your medication.


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