7 Ways To Ease With The Neck pain in IT professional

Divya Tripathi

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Neck pain in IT professionals is considered one of the major health problem in modern societies. It is also increasing in frequency, intensity, and severity due to more stress and strain on the upper back and neck region.


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Neck pain is considered to be multifactorial in origin, it implies that various risk factors can contribute to its development. The long term, improper posture, lower intensity stress, and strain are the most important root cause factor for neck pain.


Neck pain in IT professional


Neck pain in IT professionals is one of the most common work-related injuries. Around  87% of computer workers report pain in the neck and shoulder pain, which vary from acute to chronic pain.


According to the expert’s suggestion, the most common causes of neck pain include wrong posture, injury, disability, or any disease. However, neck pain that stays more than a couple of days and affects your normal activities, then you need instant medical attention.


Statistical evidence related to neck pain:


In a study conducted amongst IT professionals, the annual cases of computer-related neck pain stood at a huge number of 34.4%. The cases in females are higher and amongst those with use the poor position of screen and keyboard, higher stress and less physical exercise.


According to another study of 206 computer users reported that around 60% of the users suffered from upper side or neck pain attributed to computer use.


Causes and Remedies for the neck pain in IT professionals:


A vast series of workplace conditions and causes can lead to an increase in computer-related neck pain.

Here we list the most important causes and their possible remedies for neck pain in IT professionals.


1. Height of the screen


The height of your computer screen should be not neither too low nor too high. It is preferable to put the monitor on the monitor blocks. The monitor should be at the height that the top of the screen is at the level of your eyes.


2. Height of the armrests


The armrests of your chair should also be at a comfortable level. You can simply remove the armrests of your chair or get a chair with height-adjustable armrests.


3. Improper shoulder elevation


Set your chair at the proper height. You can use a footrest if your feet are getting full contact with the floor. If possible, use a height-adjustable desk.


4. Sitting too low


Get the height-adjustable armrests for your chair and make sure that you are sitting at the right height level. You can also use a footrest wherever required.


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5. Repetitive head movements


Accessories such as a copyholder, writing slope, monitor block and monitor arms ensure that you do not have to perform any repetitive head movements that can lead to neck pain in IT professionals.


6. Fatigue


Take small breaks frequently. Always remember to stretch, walk and change your posture especially after every 30 minutes of sitting in your seat.


7. Stress and tension


Avoid all types of stress and tension in your workplace. Working with a tense temperament at your computer seat can also lead to neck pain and the overall fatigue level.


In addition, neck pain in IT professionals is very common. You have to maintain good postural habits and relax in your free time so that your body can get de-stress properly.


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